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Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア Kidō Senshi Gandamu: Gyakushū no Shā?) is an anime movie set in the primary Universal Century timeline of Gundam, taking place in UC 0093.

Making its theatrical debut on March 12, 1988, Char's Counterattack is the final culmination of the original saga begun in Mobile Suit Gundam and continued through Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, marking the final conflict of the fourteen-year rivalry between Char Aznable and Amuro Ray, and the end of the EF/Zeon conflicts. The movie is based on the novel by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

In addition to being the first original Gundam theatrical release, Char's Counterattack was also the first Gundam production to make use of computer graphics during a five-second shot of a colony rotating serenely in space.

Char's Counterattack made its American debut on January 4, 2003 at 11 p.m. on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The movie is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix.


Spoiler Warning: Spoiler details may follow.

The year is U.C. 0093. At Anaheim Electronics' factory in Von Braun on the Moon, Earth Federation Forces officer Chan Agi and Anaheim technician October Saran examine the RX-93 ν Gundam. Agi is hastily preparing the new Gundam for deployment because Char Aznable has declared war on the Earth Federation and Newborn Neo Zeon is in the process of dropping the asteroid Fifth Luna on the city of Lhasa, the site of EFF headquarters.

In the streets of Lhasa, a group of delinquents run away from Federation police. Among the teenagers is Quess Paraya, the rebellious daughter of Federation Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Adenauer Paraya. Quess is apprehended and taken back to her father, who has been tasked with an urgent diplomatic mission in space. Adenauer, his mistress Kathy, and Quess take a plane to the spaceport in Hong Kong. Along the way, Quess and her father argue about the Federation enforcing its edicts onto Spacenoids.

In space, the Fifth Luna drop operation is being coordinated by Nanai Miguel. The Londo Bell taskforce arrives to try and destroy the asteroid. Cyber Newtype Gyunei Guss, in the MSN-03 Jagd Doga, was guarding Fifth Luna against Amuro Ray in the RGZ-91 Re-GZ. However, they are intercepted by Char Aznable, piloting his MSN-04 Sazabi. Amuro argues that dropping the asteroid will cause a nuclear winter, but Char is certain in his belief that the selfish Federation officials living on Earth must be eradicated or else planet will become uninhabitable anyway. Char and Gyunei retreat as the asteroid reaches the point of no return.

At the Hong Kong spaceport, Adenauer's mistress leaves him after being harassed by Quess. Adenauer uses his authority to commandeer two seats on the shuttle departing for Londenion. At the same time, Mirai Noa is unsuccessfully trying to board the shuttle with her two children, but her letter of recommendation from Federal official John Bauer is insufficient. Adenauer gleans the situation from the ticket attendant and orders him to allow one person from Mirai's group to board, mentioning that he owes Bauer a favor. Mirai has her son, Hathaway Noa, take the open seat. She and Hathaway's sister, Cheimin Noa wait for the next shuttle, although the outbreak of war means there is no guarantee another shuttle will be permitted to launch.

Onboard the Ra Cailum, Amuro and Bright Noa observe the descending asteroid. Side 2 is late in sending reinforcements, and the force that finally arrives is too small to destroy the asteroid, ensuring Char's victory. Amuro and Bright discuss how quickly Char managed to assemble an army and procure the nuclear fuel necessary to propel the asteroid; Bright muses that the Sides must have been hiding Neo Zeon forces during recent Federal inspections. Meanwhile, the shuttle carrying Adenauer, Quess, and Hathaway launches into space. It barely avoids the descending Fifth Luna and sustains some minor damage to its thrusters. The asteroid crashes directly into Lhasa, obliterating it and causing countless casualties, as Federal government officials had fled the city without organizing an evacuation.

Amuro heads for Von Braun to retrieve the ν Gundam. There, he reunites with Chan, who complains that Anaheim is supplying mobile suits to Neo Zeon, and that the staff also refused to believe that she is on the crew of the Ra Cailum. October explains to Amuro that the Gundam features a Psycoframe cockpit to shorten reaction-times. Aboard a Neo Zeon warship, Char gives a speech to his troops commending them on the success of the asteroid drop. A squad of Neo Zeon mobile suits led by Rezin Schnyder then executes a diversionary attack so that Char and other Neo Zeon officials can travel to Londenion for the conference with Adenauer.

Meanwhile, Chan and Amuro head into battle against Rezin with the ν Gundam after being called back by Bright, but Rezin's squad unexpectedly retreats just before his arrival. The civilian shuttle, still in the process of being repaired by its crew, is met by the Ra Cailum, and the VIP passengers disembark. Adenauer instructs Bright to take him directly to Londenion. In his quarters, Amuro has a vision of Lalah Sune, who continues to haunt both Amuro and Char. Quess and Hathaway talk about Amuro's exploits, such as him piloting the RX-78-2 Gundam during the One Year War, and also discuss Newtypes and parents. After viewing him on the MS deck, Quess is immediately smitten with Amuro, and wants to understand more about him. However, Chan shoos her off, and Quess becomes convinced that Chan is in her way. As they arrive at Londenion, Bright informs Amuro that Char still needs to drop a second asteroid to send Earth into an ice age, but he likely already has enough leverage to compel the Federation to recognize Neo Zeon sovereignty over the colony of Sweetwater. Amuro disagrees, believing that Char became so disillusioned with the Federation during the Gryps Conflict that he truly intends to follow through on freezing Earth.

Adenauer and Federation officials including Cameron Bloom of the Audit Bureau are greeted by Char's party at the conference site. Cameron is surprised to learn that the Federation has already prepared a complete peace treaty and Neo Zeon anticipated the contents; Adenauer has been negotiating with Neo Zeon in secret for some time, and the conference is revealed to be a territorial transaction. Under the terms of the treaty, Neo Zeon acquires the asteroid base Axis from the Federation. In exchange, the Federation is given a large sum of gold, which Cameron is present to authenticate, and Neo Zeon pledges to send its entire fleet to Luna II to be disarmed. Neo Zeon claims it wants Axis in order to move the asteroid to Sweetwater so that the colony's living space can be expanded. After the conference breaks up, Char muses that he is doing something terrible. Later, while Amuro is chasing a swan with Quess and Hathaway, he spots Char riding a horse and gives chase. Amuro and Char start arguing over their beliefs in humanity, when Quess overhears that the people on Earth are weighed down by gravity. She takes Amuro's gun and leaves the colony with Char and Gyunei. Meanwhile, Cameron warns Bright that Char is on Londenion and tells him about the secret peace treaty. Bright then confronts Adenauer. The minister explains that Char coerced the Federation into selling Axis by threatening to attack the space colonies, and insists that the gold received from the purchase will be used to fund the Federation's welfare programs. Despite Bright's urging, Adenauer refuses to let Londo Bell oversee Neo Zeon's disarmament at Luna II, but he gives Bright permission to take action if he deems Earth to be in danger.

In space, Quess pilots the RMS-116H Hobby Hizack and is a natural at piloting, especially after handling the Jagd Doga after 4 tries. After the test, Gyunei is harassed by ace pilot Rezin Schnyder, but Quess breaks them up. In Sweetwater, Nanai asks if Char though up the plan just to get even with Amuro. Char then reminisces about Lalah and her abilities. On Earth, Mirai and Cheimin are still in Hong Kong and unable to leave because the space shuttle company has halted operations amid rumors that Char will target the city in spite of the peace treaty. At Sweetwater, Char makes another speech about the history of Spacenoids' struggle for independence and how it was corrupted by the Zabis and Haman Karn. Char tells his troops that he plans to drop Axis onto Earth to make history. Char launches dummy ships towards Luna II and the Federation sees that the numbers include one extra ship. Bright talks to Cameron about the nuclear stockpile within Luna II which work. Cameron also tells Bright that life imprisonment is worth preventing a nuclear winter. A team of RGM-89 Jegan units launches to inspect the ships, but they are intercepted by the Rewloola. The Neo Zeon forces launch their attack on Luna II, and use a barrage of missiles. Quess goes ahead of the attack fleet and destroys a number of ships, one of which contains her father.

On board the Ra Cailum, Hathaway hides from Londo Bell as ace pilot Kayra Su and her lover Astonaige Medoz finish repairs to the Re-GZ. The ship comes across the destroyed Federation fleet, and a sole Jegan unit arrives and tells them of Neo Zeon's surprise attack. At Luna II, an angry Quess launches in her Jagd Doga to find Char, despite Gyunei's pleas. Meanwhile, Hathaway is discovered by Kayra and Amuro as the former leads the first wave of MS to intercept Axis. Londo Bell launches a barrage of missiles including nuclear warheads but Char intercepts them. Bright slaps Hathaway for sneaking on board, and Amuro realizes that he wants to see Quess. Despite Hathaway's determination to get her back, Amuro tells him that Char is taking advantage of Quess' sensitivity as a Newtype and enhancing them. Hathaway reveals that he's learned how to pilot a mble suit, but Amuro leaves and launches in νGundam along with the second MS wave. Char intercepts more missiles as Axis' thermonuclear thrusters activate, sending it towards Earth. Hathaway is placed in a room as he asks Chan about the T-shaped object on her waist. She explains that it's a psycoframe sample that she is testing for its capabilities. Gyunei then launches from the Rewloola to find Quess. Gyunei finds Quess but she breaks off from him to find Char as Gyunei intercepts the remaining nuclear missiles. Quess finds Char and leaps towards him without a normal suit as he takes her inside Sazabi and consoles her.

During the battle, Kayra's Re-GZ is captured by Gyunei and a couple of Geara Dogas. She tries to escape the damaged unit,but is grabbed by Gyunei's Jagd Doga, who uses her as bait. Amuro arrives at the scene and Gyunei demands Amuro hand over the Gundam in exchange for Kayra. Amuro detaches his funnels and two Geara Dogas start electrocuting him. The funnels quickly react and free Amuro, but Gyunei kills Kayra in the process. On board the ship, Chan mans the gun turrets, and gets help from the psycoframe sample in taking down Rezin, Amuro returns with Kayra's body, and he forms Chan that he was unable to control the overly-sensitive funnels. Meanwhile, Quess' Newtype abilities allow her to see everything that is going on around her.

On board Axis, Nanai explains to Char that Gyunei is desperate to keep Quess for himself. Char instructs Nanai to allow Quess to test pilot the Newtype mobile armor α Azieru. At the Alpha, Gyunei takes Quess to an abandoned section of Axis. Gyunei explains that Char's true love was Lalah, but is with Nanai for public appearances. Quess leaves Gyunei and vows to kick both Nanai and Lalah out of Char's life. Londo Bell devises a plan to destroy Axis before it hits Earth. It involves destroying the thermonuclear engines then landing ground troops in petite MS units to detonate Axis' central connection point. Chan reads a letter from October which reveals that the psycoframe wasn't developed by Anaheim's R&D division, and that the technology may have been provided by Neo Zeon. Amuro meets with Chan and they share a kiss, vowing that he'll win with the funnels. On Earth, Mirai and Cheimin see Axis passing befoe the Sun. While Hathway is on the main bridge, Londo Bell MS forces launch towards Axis as Federation units from Side 2 and Side 5 are arriving as back up.

Quess and Gyunei launch, and they immediately sense Amuro's presence. Quess launches her funnels but Amuro easily destroys them. Gyunei, Quess, and Amuro fight, with Amuro managing to damage Quess's Alpha. On the Ra Cailum, Hathaway sense Quess getting increasingly insane, and steals a Jegan to go and save her. Chan grabs the damaged Re-GZ and launches save Amuro, killing Astoniage while launching. Amuro manages to take out Gyunei, while Bright launches the last of the missiles that Char intercepts. Hathaway eventually finds Quess and begs her to stop. Chan arrives and Quess tries firing at her, only for the psycoframe to deflect the blast. The psycoframe sample has the Re-GZ fire granades to protect Hathaway, and they hit the Alpha, killing Quess. In a fit of rage, Hathaway fires on the defenseless Re-GZ, killing Chan. The Ra Cailum lands on Axis and infiltrates it while Amuro and Char duel. Amuro destroys a Musaka and takes out one of Axis' thrusters. Amuro and Char duel again as Char implores Amuro to remember the pain he felt when Lalah was killed. Amuro heads inside Axis as Bright and the other men leave, with Char following Amuro. Amuro and Char try to blast each other with bombs and rockets while Amuro believes that Char is trying to cause a foolish revolution. The two escape and continue their MS duel. The nuclear bombs inside Axis detonate, splitting the asteroid in two, while Amuro defeats Char and grabs his escape pod.

The explosion within Axis had too much power, resulting in the rear half of Axis decelerating towards Earth. Amuro rams Char's escape pod into Axis in an attempt to push it clear of Earth. Bright wants to use the Ra Cailum to push back Axis, but his officers stop him. Char reveals that his own victory would be nothing if he hadn't allowed Anaheim to give Londo Bell the psycoframe technology, at which point the psycoframes on both units begin to resonate and glow. Suddenly, the Earth Federation's 88th Fleet arrives to assist Amuro with a team of RGM-86R GM III. Eventually, Neo Zeo suits join in attempting to push back Axis, but they themselves begin to be destroyed by the heat of the atmosphere. Amuro's powerful brainwaves channel the resonance of the psycoframe to increase, pushing away all suits except for v Gundam. Amuro claims that he didn't want to be Quess' surrogate father, but Char reveals that Lalah was like a mother to him. At that point, Amuro and Char vanish within the psycoframe luminescence phenomenon and both halves of Axis are pushed back from Earth in an aurora-like display.


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Char Is Fighting for Our Prayers00:44:26
BEYOND THE TIME ~Möbius no Sora wo Koete~ (ED)01:57:27



On June 1, 2016, Nozomi Entertainment announced that they would release the Blu-ray of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack along with that of Gundam Build Fighters Try in September 2016.[1][2] Along with Mobile Suit Gundam F91, the film received a 4K HD Remaster Blu-Ray release in June.

The movie was made available for online streaming in select regions as part of Gundam Online Expo from August 20, 2020.


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  • In SD Gundam G Generation Wars, on the single Char's Counterattack mission, several of the characters from the movie appears in their correct Suits (Rezin Schnyder in her Geara Doga, Kayra Su in the Re-GZ (initially equipped with BWS) and the correct crew on both the Ra Cailum and Char's Battleship. Amuro and Char, however, pilot the Hi-ν Gundam and the Nightingale respectively, despite those two Suits never appearing in the movie.


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