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Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation is a free-to-play multiplayer team action game for the PlayStation 3, developed and published by Namco Bandai Games, released in Japan on June 28, 2012, via download from the PlayStation Network. The game is also released for Hong Kong and Taiwan servers on March 28, 2013.

The Hong Kong servers for Gundam Battle Operation were shut down in October of 2015. On April 27, 2017, it was announced that all sales related to the original Japanese version of Gundam Battle Operation would cease on May 31, 2017. The Japan servers for the game finally shut down on July 31, 2017.

Overall, the game ran for a little over five years in Japan, and roughly two and a half years in Asia.

A sequel, Gundam Battle Operation Next, was released for both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 on August 27, 2015, featuring an expanded roster including mobile suits from later UC and AU timelines, and adopting faster-paced arcade-style gameplay mechanics.

Another sequel, Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2, was announced for the Playstation 4 on September 19, 2017 at Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference with a release date scheduled for 2018. This sequel features gameplay mechanics more reminiscent of the original title as opposed to NEXT's and introduces space combat.


MS are categorized into 3 types: All-Purpose, Artillery, and Close-Combat.

  • All-Purpose types have balanced stats and can equip a variety of weapons; some can even perform an emergency barrel roll.
  • Artillery units are generally slow-moving but have durable armor. Most units have either powerful cannons or rifles (sometimes both) but majority of them cannot perform melee attacks. Some have a high-res snipe view zoom scope and a more powerful radar.
  • Close-Combat units are agile, but at the cost of severely low armor and overall durability. Moreover, they can only equip low-power projectile-based weaponry. As their designation implies, they excel in melee combat; most of them can perform a 3-stage combo attack with correctly timed button presses.

The above-mentioned types also have a Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship between them in which each has a specific type that they are strong or weak against.

  • All-Purpose: Strong against Close-Combat, Weak against Artillery.
  • Artillery: Strong Against All-Purpose, Weak against Close-Combat.
  • Close-Combat: Strong Against Artillery, Weak against All-Purpose.

All units can perform a desperation tackle that instantly overheats the boost gauge by pressing Triangle. The timing can be tricky, but if it successfully connects while an enemy is performing a melee attack, a counter with a special knockdown move (varies by MS type) will activate, inflicting some damage in the process. Otherwise, it will only result in a rather costly stun lock hit.


Players are grouped into teams, minimum of four, maximum of six per side. New players entering a Quick Match will be randomly put into the Federation or Zeon forces with a starter unit (GM/Zaku II). The game will not begin until there is an equal number of participants and all players from both sides confirm a complete launch preparation. Once all preparations are complete, teams will emerge from their respective home bases and start a mission with several objectives:

  • Defeat opposing Mobile Suits.
  • Capture outposts scattered around the map area.
  • Invade the opposing force's base to destroy it with a time bomb (or an Artillery MS' shell weaponry).

The player has the option to disembark from his/her unit to avoid detection when performing an invasion. However, there is always the risk of being hit by mobile suit weaponry (which will result in instant defeat), interception by other players on foot, and the unit being stolen/destroyed while unmanned. Despite all of these disadvantages, getting off the MS is the only way for the player to capture an outpost, hack an enemy MS to commandeer it or set a bomb on the enemy base.

Unmanned enemy MS can be stolen to temporarily impair an opposing player's performance, though it does not allow for false flag tactics. A self-destruct timer will start after riding, and will kill the pilot if he/she does not disembark in time.

Aside from armor damage, head and leg damage is also calculated. If the head part is heavily damaged, the radar will be disabled, and the camera view will become grainy (this will also reduce attack power). Severely damaged leg parts will affect walking speed and will not be able to support the weight of the MS at the end of a boost dash or jump, resulting in a knockdown.

If defeated, the player can respawn in certain points (near the base, where the MS unit was left after disembarking, captured outposts etc.) either on foot or with an MS (unless the player was subdued on foot, in which case no new MS can be assigned until the unmanned/stolen unit is recovered/destroyed).

Bases and outposts have utility vehicles near them. The player can opt to utilize said vehicles to perform an infiltration, retreat to safety, or in the case of tanks, have an alternative offensive option when unable to access a usable MS.

Heavily damaged MS units can be repaired by returning to base and standing idle within its vicinity. The pilot can also do a field repair by switching to a repair tool. Base repairs can no longer be done if it has been destroyed.

Points are earned for performing objectives and foiling efforts from the opposition. The team with the most points at the end of the 8-minute mission will be the winners.


There are nine maps in the game. Over the course of several updates, most maps gained up to three different environmental settings (Example; day or night, clear or foggy). The condition is decided by the room host prior to the match proper.

  • Mountain Area (Clear/Evening/Foggy)
  • Desert (Clear/Night/Sandstorm)
  • Deserted City (Day/Night/Rain)
  • Quarry (Day/Night/Dusty)
  • Military Base (Day/Foggy)
  • Canyon (Day/Rain)
  • Supply Base
  • Arctic Base
  • Jaburo

Game Modes

Team Deathmatch

In this mode players choose a side, either Federation or Zeon and fight to accumulate the most points before the match timer runs out. The team size for a battle range anywhere from 4v4 to 6v6.


Each side will start with 18000 resource points in the same tradition as the Gundam Vs. games. There are two main objectives for this mission:

  • Defeat opposing Mobile Suits.
  • Capture outposts scattered around the map area.

Base bombing is disabled in this mode.

The outposts in this game are situated in alternate spots and have shelter structures unlike in Basic. Outposts are not only for respawning. Each controlled outpost will increase the rate in which the opposing side's resource meter depletes.

The game can end two ways:

  • When the 10-minute limit expires, the team with the higher amount of resource points will be the winners.
  • If one side's resource meter is fully depleted, the game will instantly be stopped in a cease-fire.


Like with Siege, base bombing is disabled in this mode and each side starts the match with 18000 resource points.

The faction with the highest score will win the match.

When the timer is down to the last three minutes, players with highest personal score for each faction will be designated as an "Ace". Ace players can get bonus points from defeating players (pilot/MS or both) or by assisting a teammate's offensive efforts. A special bonus can also be gained by any player who directly or indirectly takes down an ace.

Combat Training Exercise

Petty Officer 2nd Class players can now participate in combat training before moving on to face other players. This mode can be used until the player reaches Petty Officer First Class.


After viewing the mission results, development points, rank EXP and equipment research progress will be tabulated. If an item/MS research path is completed (progression is selected at random) it can be developed on the spot for the next mission. If the player sorties more than 4 times in one day, bonuses will be awarded.

Upon reaching Chief Petty Officer rank, players can customize MS colors to suit personal preferences and apply decals earned from level-ups and research paths.

Certain achievements and rank-ups will unlock medals. Medals have varying effects, like increasing MS HP, boosting outpost conquer or bomb setting speed, etc. Only one medal can be equipped at first, but more can be used in later ranks. Recent updates have also introduced preset medal slot settings and "Commendation Plaques" the latter of which when obtained grant passive beneficial effects and need not be equipped.

Players can have 3 sortie energy items by default at a given time. Extra sortie energy items can be gained by rank level-ups (regular grants stop upon promotion to Petty Officer First Class, but will still be given at certain levels) or purchasing them at the PlayStation Store. Once all sortie items have been expended, the player cannot sortie again until after a minimum grace period of 2 hours. (6 hours maximum to fully restore regular sortie energy)

The game has a penalty system for players who disconnect from a match. If their disconnection rating reaches 10%, they will lose the ability to host matches. If it hits 25%, rank progression and blueprint drops will be suspended. Finishing matches normally will gradually decrease the percentage.


New features are now available that functions as leaderboards. Player can gain Rank Points at the end of the match. Player can toggle between showing National Rankings or Private Rankings (between player and their friends) but they cannot see other people's rank in the match lobby. However, player can turn off the ranking feature in the option menu.


Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation - 079 EFF Gameplay

Prototype Gundam in action


Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

Principality of Zeon

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units


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Notes & Trivia

  • The Blue Destiny Unit 1 is available via a Product Code bundled with the Gundam G-Generation Overworld PSP game. As of the 10/31/2013 update, the Blue Destiny Unit 1 is now available as a regular release Mobile Suit, the same goes for the Efreet Kai.
  • Several promotional campaign runs were conducted in which certain newly released MS can be obtained by any user regardless of rank for about two weeks. Some units exclusively appear during the event while some are permanent. Units appearing under this condition are as follows:
    • Guncannon SML
    • Zaku Cannon Rabbit Type
    • Blue Destiny Unit 2
    • Blue Destiny Unit 3
    • Gyan
    • Gundam Pixy
    • Zudah
    • Gundam Alex
    • Kampfer
    • Gundam Zephyranthes
    • Gundam GP02A Beam Bazooka Type
    • Gundam G-3
    • Act Zaku
    • Guncannon II
    • Pezun Dowadge
    • Mudrock Gundam
    • Galbaldy α
    • Powered GM
  • Players (especially room hosts) have a chance of earning a "Lucky Haro" at the end of a mission. Getting this guarantees a 1 stage development of a 1~3 Star Plan Path.
  • The Slot Modification Hangar option allows players to modify certain MS to increase part slot capacity. The success rate depends on level, and usually averages about two days (completing Point Chips will shorten the time). During modification, the MS being worked on cannot be used.

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