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Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Edge Of Gunsmoke (Kidō Butōden G Gundam: Shōen no Hate, 機動武闘伝Gガンダム 硝煙の果て) is a manga written and illustrated by Masafumi Matsuura, published by Bandai visual and serialized in the December 1994 issue of the B-Club magazine.


Neo Belgium's Gundam Fighter John Browning is shunned in his hometown after dropping out of the 13th Gundam Fight. Determined to participate in the Gundam Fight, even if unofficially, John attempts to assassinate Rain, only to be confronted by Domon and Rain after it is revealed his target is a hologram.

John reveals that during the 12th Gundam Fight, as he was about to deliver a finishing blow on an opponent, his Gundam's pistol jams, causing John to lose the fight. Disgraced, he was soon shunned by the entire nation and subsequently sought to regain his pride. During a suspected arson fire of John's house, his little sister burned to death, as the residents of his town refused to help put out the fire. John watches as his sister burns alive.

John, seeking to regain his pride for himself and his sister in a Gundam Fight, challenges Domon to an unofficial match. As Domon is about to finish John with the Shining Finger, John shoots his own Gundam's head, triggering explosives that destroy the head unit and cockpit, fatally injuring him.


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