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Mobile Fighter G Gundam: 7th Fight is a manga written and illustrated by Kitarou Ototoi, published by Kodansha and serialized by Comic BomBom in 1996.


The story is a prequel to the Mobile Fighter G Gundam TV anime series, taking place during the 7th Gundam Fight, 24 years before the events of the anime. It features Master Asia piloting the GF7-013NJ Yamato Gundam, representing Neo Japan. It also showcases how he became known as the King of Hearts, as well as his work as part of the Shuffle Alliance.


Gundam Fighter representing Neo Japan. Pilots the Yamato Gundam. The manga takes place before he became Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East.
Gundam Fighter representing Neo America. Pilots the Freedom Gundam.
Gundam Fighter representing Neo China. Pilots the Kouga Gundam.
Gundam Fighter representing Neo France. Pilots the Eiffel Gundam.
Gundam Fighter representing Neo Russia. Pilots the Mosque Gundam.
  • Wolf Heinrich
Gundam Fighter representing Neo Germany. Pilots the Kaiser Gundam. The eventual winner of the 7th Gundam Fight.
  • Delos Argos
  • Chaos
  • Geneva Lee Bratz

Mobile Units

Gundam Fighters

Mobile Weapons


Mobile Weapons

  • Chaos Mobile Suit
  • Element Chaos



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