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Mmn are characters in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


A lower class of spirit, much lower and more common than those used by the knights. Resembling fluorescent jellyfish, Mmns are intangible and float around Lacroa.

River of Mmns

According to the Pawn Pawn Hour, when Mmns gather together they become a flow like a river. This 'river' is able to carry the unprepared away. According to Cobramaru, the 'water' in a river of Mmns can be breathed in.


The Mmns first appeared the last part of the Myster of Lacroix arc. While climbing out of the Dark Hole, Shute found a few Mmns floating around him and thought he was being attacked. Zero assured Shute that Mmns were harmless. The encounter served to differ the power of spirit from the power of magic, which could not exist in the Dark Hole.

Much later on, when Bakunetsumaru, Genkimaru, Zapper's gang, Cobramaru and Talgeese were lost in the caves of Lacroa. A River of Mmns appeared and swept them all up, and carried them all the way to the Garden of Wisdom, conviently dumping them were Deathscythe had trapped the rest of the Gundam Force.

When General Zeong began to drain the land of its energy, Lacroa was too affected. Mmns began to lose their glow and drop out of the air. After the General was defeated their energy returned.

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