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Mission Packs were built by the Earth Federation's Strategic Naval Research Institute (SNRI), the prototype F90 Gundam F90 was equipped with a set of hardpoints for mounting mission specific equipment such as extra thrusters, weaponry or recon devices. A later revamp of the design called the F90II Gundam F90II had two extra packs designed specifically for it. In addition, it was possible to create new configurations by mixing and matching components of the different mission packs (like the "Type A.D.S." which combined the Assault, Destroid and Support Types equipments). The concept of complex Mission Packs seem to have been abandoned after F90's development with only Full Equipment Type G-Cannon and RGM-109 Heavygun Full Equipment Type from F91-MSV shown with equally complex equipments.

List of Mission Packs

Type A (Assault Type)

Long-distance travelling and combat equipment. See F90A Gundam F90 Assault Type

Type B (Bombard Type)

Heavy bombardment equipment. See F90B Gundam F90 Bombard Type

Type C (Cold Type)

Cold climate equipment.

Type D (Destroid Type)

Close-combat, suppression-use equipment. See F90D Gundam F90 Destroid Type

Type E (Electronic Type)

Electronic warfare specifications. See F90E Gundam F90 Electronic Type

Type F (Fight Type)

Melee combat specifications. See F90F Gundam F90 Fight Type

Type G (Guards Type)

Defense/escort equipment. It is equipped with a large shield on the left shoulder and armed with a "Multiple Beam Weapon", which can function as both a beam sword and a beam rifle. See F90G Gundam F90 Guards Type

Type H (Hover Type)

See F90H Gundam F90 Hover Type.

Type I (Intercept Type)

See F90II-I Gundam F90II Intercept Type or F90I-I Gundam F90 Intercept Type Jupiter Battle Specification

Type J (Jacket Type)


Type K (Keep Type)

Prolonged base/mothership defense specifications. See F90K Gundam F90 Keep Type

Type L (Long Range Type)

Long-range sniper specifications. See F90II-L Gundam F90II Long Range Type

Type M (Marine Type)

Aquatic warfare. See F90M Gundam F90 Marine Type

Type N (NexT Type)

The combined form of Gundam F90 and the Hull Fighter.

Type O (Officer Type)

Officer/Commander specifications. See F90O Gundam F90 Officer Type

Type P (Plunge Type)

Atmosphere entry specification. See F90P Gundam F90 Plunge Type

Type Q (Quick Type)


Type R (Reconnoiter/Reconnaissance Type)

Reconnoiter/reconnaissance specifications. See F90R Gundam F90 Reconnaissance Type

Type S (Support Type)

Long-range support specifications. See F90S Gundam F90 Support Type

Type T (Tracer Type)


Type U (Up-Lift Type)

Atmospheric launch equipment. See F90U Gundam F90 Up-Lift Type

Type V (VSBR Type)

Mission pack for testing VSBR beam weaponry. See F90V Gundam F90 VSBR Type

Type W (Warbird Type)

An operational test unit for the prototype Minovsky Drive. Allows transformation into a flight mode, and beams are generated from its wings when the prototype Minovsky Drive is used. Led to the development of the F99 Record Breaker

Unknown Initials

SNRI had not released any information on these initials. One theory suggested they are related to the F90III-Y Cluster Gundam.

Type X (Xtra Type)


Type Y (Youngstar Type)


Type Z (Zero Type)


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