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Amuro spends some time catching up with Mirai and her kids, much to Beltorchika's chagrin. Meanwhile, Kamille notices Four Murasame down on the dock when she catches and returns a small paper glider thrown too far by one of Mirai's kids. Four notices Kamille when he runs up to Amuro addressing him by name, unaware that she is an agent for the Titans. Realizing that he is somehow connected with the AEUG and that he might have information (and also that he'd been checking her out), she decides to get him to give her a ride back to where she's staying. Kamille is surprised when she approaches him, but is ultimately thrilled that the girl he was previously checking out seems to be taking an interest in him, and some awkward teenage socializing occurs as they drive down the road. They agree to meet up later for a date. Meanwhile, based on the information derived from tailing Four, some Titans-paid thugs break into Mirai's apartment and kidnap she and her children, holding them hostage in exchange for Amuro Ray. Amuro goes out and offers himself up, but then, as Mirai and her children are escaping by boat, Hathaway falls into the water and almost drowns. Amuro manages to break free of his captors just in time to jump into the water after him and save him. At the episode's end, a relieved Beltorchika glomps Amuro upon finding out that he's OK.


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