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Four runs away from the Sudori, much to the chagrin of Namicar Cornell. Meanwhile, the Audhumla is still in the process of receiving supplies from Luio & Co. At a nearby harbor, Amuro tries to convince Mirai to board their ship so they can reach Bright in space, but she's still reluctant and asks him for a little more time to think things through, fearing for her children.

Certain that Four will try to establish contact with the enemy, Wooder deploys some marine Hizacks in order to track her down; meanwhile, by sheer coincidence, Four overhears Beltorchika talking to Amuro and concludes that he must be the Mk-II's pilot, aware of Amuro Ray's status as a famous war hero.

Realizing that he is somehow connected with the AEUG, Four manages to get Kamille to give her a ride back to the city after seeing him run up to Amuro. Kamille is surprised when she approaches him, but is ultimately thrilled that the girl he was previously checking out seems to be taking an interest in him, and some awkward teenage socializing occurs as they drive down the road. Unbeknownst to them, a Titans officer is secretly spying on Four, and relays new information to the Sudori about Amuro's personal relationship with Mirai, at the Coral Oriental vessel.

Kamille and Four bond some more as they talk, but things abruptly turn serious when the Sudori broadcast a message through the city's radio stations. Ben Wooder gives the AEUG an ultimatum: if they don't hand over the Audhumla in 24 hours, the Titans will open fire indiscriminately on the city of New Hong Kong and kill their hostages, Mirai, and her two children.

Mirai Captured 18.jpg

Four and Kamille part ways. She tells the soldier who was following them that she can't stand such tactics, but it's useless to argue. Stephanie and Beltorchika both enter in contact with Hayato and inform him of the situation. Beltorchika is worried about Amuro, who has ran off, but Stephanie tells Hayato to be firm and not deviate from the AEUG's objectives.

Amuro approaches the Sudori and tries to exchange the hostages for himself, but it is all in vain as, going back on his words, Wooder apprehends Amuro too. Kamille boards the Audhumla again and discusses their strategy with Hayato and Stephanie: their plan is to hand over the ship, pretending that they'll surrender, while the Mk-II goes underwater and rescues the hostages. Thus, the Audhumla approaches the Sudori, white flag raised.

Unfortunately, the Mk-II accidentally alerts the enemy of it's presence as Kamille slowly nears them underwater. Kamille starts to fight the Hizacks while Amuro, taking advantage of the sudden turmoil, leaps in the water and escapes his captors. After rescuing Hathaway, who had sunk in the water and almost drowned, Amuro successfully leaves the area with Mirai and her family on a boat as Kamille gives them cover and disposes of the last Hizack. Four, still plagued by headaches, is left out of the sortie, as ​​​Wooder and the other Titans are forced to retreat.

Back a​​​​​t the harbor, Kamille joins the rest of the crew once again, all of them safe and sound as Stephanie, Hayato and Amuro all congratulate him on a job well done. The sunset shines behind them as Kamille and Amuro shake hands.


  • Script: Yumiko Suzuki & Minoru Onoya
  • Unit Director: Hiroyuki Yokoyama
  • Animation Director: Akihiro Kanayama