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Miorine Rembran (ミオリネ・レンブラン Miorine Renburan?), is the deuteragonist of Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury. She is the President of GUND-ARM, Inc. and the daughter of the Benerit Group's President, Delling Rembran. She is enrolled at the Asticassia School of Technology, of which her father chairs, and is an academically distinguished second-year student in the management strategy department. [8]. Unlike other students, she has no house and lives in her father's old office at the school [9].

Personality & Character

Miorine was the type of person who constantly tried to appear cynical and unflappable in order to assert her independence and never showed any weakness that would make her appear sensitive. She defiantly protested against any attempts to manage her life and make any fateful decisions for her, constantly insulting her father—often calling him "lousy father"—for managing her life or even directly entering into a public argument with him in raised tones. Whenever Miorine felt that a situation was offensive or unfair to her, she always spoke up about it without any attempt to smooth the language [10][11][12].

Refusing to put up with the state of affairs, Miorine regularly tried to escape from the Academy to Earth, or at least manage the life imposed on her [10][11], during which she sometimes showed similar traits to her father, dragging Suletta into her fight against her father without really asking her opinion, or hiring all the members of Earth House as GUND-ARM, Inc. employees, only formally notifying them about it later. Miorine justifiably studied at the management strategy, showing a cold mind, excellent leadership qualities and business acumen [13][14][11][15].

Nevertheless, this was only an external Miorine, behind which there was a someone who was quite capable of sincere feelings and empathy. e.g. Miorine without hesitation fed Suletta her mother's important tomato, simply because she was hungry, without positioning it as a payment for her salvation, making it clear that these tomatoes were very personal to her and symbolize the memory of a deceased parent [10][11]. She also showed genuine concern for her father, literally trying to shield him with her body from attack at a critical moment, only formally continuing to sound offensive [4] This aspect of her manifested itself even in small things; when she visibly faltered when she heard that it was the feelings for her that were the real motivation for Shaddiq's actions [12].

This side of Miorine, perhaps her true personality, was shown only to those closest to her and often in the aforementioned critical situations. A striking example of this was that she decided to step over her pride and ask her father for help only after Prospera caustically mocked her claims to independence despite the privilleges she had as a result of her father [13], or by opening up and confessing to Suletta that she was very important to her only at the very last moment, when the latter had already managed to convince herself that she was an insignificant person whom no one really loved [16].

Skills & Abilities

Duelling Statistics

Win Loss Tie
1 0 0

Her current and only win in a duel is attributed to the six-member team battle of Grassley House vs Earth House. She served as the commander of team Earth House and did not participate in the duel directly as a pilot.


Early Life

At an unknown point during Miorine's childhood, her mother passed away. Her father, Delling Rembran, appeared to be rather indifferent to Miorine's mourning to the point he prevented her from attending her mother's funeral, for which Miorine held a grudge against him. He also forced her to give up any pursuits or hobbies she had, such as learning piano, and she would not have any say in any decisions in her life.

She used to be friends with Shaddiq Zenelli, but they had a falling out prior to the events of the series due to his inaction and unwillingness to trust anyone besides himself.

Prior to Suletta Mercury's arrival at Asticassia, she was forced to become engaged to Guel Jeturk due to the rules her father set up for the academy which dictated that the highest ranking duelist would be her fiancé. Dissatisfied, she attempted to escape from the school on multiple occasions, but failed each time.

A.S. 122

Arrival of Suletta Mercury

In an attempt to escape the school colony, Miorine was waiting for her pick up in space outside. However, the area she was designated to be picked up crossed paths with Suletta's transport which resulted in Suletta frantically decided to “rescue” her in Aerial. In anger, she headbutted Suletta for interfering with her escape and told her that the responsibility falls upon her.

Miorine is forced to return to class and she is approached by Suletta who nervously tells her that she'll 'take responsibility' and help her escape which Miorine attempts to get Suletta to be quiet since she is making these declarations in public. While this is happening, the class is interrupted by Guel's duel with another student who annoyed him by pointing out that he had a 'runaway bride'. Guel's reckless actions put the other students in danger, including Suletta. Miorine pulled Suletta out of the way before she could be crushed. She then proceeded to walk away from the aftermath of the duel out of disgust.

After the event of Guel’s duel, Miorine arrived in front of a greenhouse which she own. At that time, Suletta appeared behind her to say thanks for saving her.

As Miorine gathers seeds, she notice Suletta is still at the front entrance to her greenhouse which she replied to her not to enter. At that time, she could help but notice that Suletta’s growl from her stomach. She offer a tomato to her to eat. While talking, Miorine mentioned that the tomato she grew was from her mother indicating that her mother grew those special tomatoes. The two connected and Miorine offers to give Suletta a map to help guide to her dorm. Unfortunately, Guel and his group came to Miorine arriving at her greenhouse. Guel offered his idea to Miorine to have her stay at his Jeturk house so that she cannot escape and getting ideas going to Earth. But when Miorine disrespect Guel inside the greenhouse

Miorine stole Aerial to duel Guel on her own terms but unable to pilot the mobile suit very well. After being pushed back and forcefully pushed off an edge of a hill Suletta came to the rescue by reclaiming Aerial and fighting the duel for Miorine. Both Suletta and Miorine argue inside the cockpit of Aerial and they are unaware that the communication system activated allowing other students to hear them which caused some of them to think they had some kind of 'falling out'.

After Suletta retakes control of Aerial, Miorine is forced to sit on her lap as the duel is changed back to being between Suletta and Guel. As Suletta readies to activate Aerial, Suletta tells Miorine about a saying her mother taught her, "If you run away, you gain one. If you move forward, you gain two." Miorine listens as Suletta explains that by moving forward, she gains experience and pride along with trust. Miorine then witnesses Suletta use her mobile suit to make quick work of Guel in a matter of seconds.

Miorine is momentarily surprised to see Guel's mobile suit in pieces. Afterwards, she uses Suletta's device to change her attire to that of the Holder. She also informed Suletta that as of this moment that she is now her fiance much to Suletta's shock. Miorine causally tells Suletta that marriages between woman are quite common, but she doesn't plan on forcing Suletta to get married to her. She still plans on escaping to Earth.

Suletta's Arrest

In the aftermath of the battle, Suletta is arrested under the suspicion of possessing a Gundam. Miorine attempts to prevent that, but she is overruled.

Incubation Party


Launching Gund Arm Inc.


Attack on Planet Quetta

For a period of time, Miorine continue work while not realizing she had inadvertently hurt Suletta's feelings.

Post-Quetta Attack

After the attack on Plant Quetta, Miorine is detained at the Benerit Group front as a person of interest in the attack. During her detainment, Prospera Mercury approaches her to try and recruit her to take over Quiet Zero in her comatose father's place. Suspicious of Prospera after Suletta used Aerial to crush a Dawn of Fold member to death, Miorine then approaches Rajan Zahi to ask him about Quiet Zero; he obliges.

Return to Asticassia

Five days after the Dawn of Fold attack on Asticassia, Lauda Neill informed Miorine that GUND-ARM, Inc. was cleared of suspicions regarding the Plant Quetta attack, and that Benerit Group was selecting its next President.

After returning to Asticassia, Miorine immediately stopped a group of spacian students from bullying the Earth House students. Upon learning that Nika was apparently taken in by the Front Management Company for questioning, Miorine contacted Feng Jun, only to learn that Nika was taken not by the Front Management Company, but by someone else. In exchange for finding out who took Nika, Jun asked Miorine for an access pass into GUND-ARM, Inc., wanting to investigate Shin Sei Development Corporation. Miorine agreed, but asked for a copy of the investigation results.

At GUND-ARM, Inc., Miorine informed the Earth House students that Nika was not at the Front Management Company. The other students then informed her of all the work that had piled up in her absence, but with encouragement from Till, Suletta asked to show Miorine her green house, which she had been taken care of every day as she asked. Just then, Prospera came to visit Earth House. Suletta offerred to show her around, but Prospera asked her to stay with her bride.

In the green house, Miorine apologized for calling Suletta a murderer, saying that she knew Suletta acted to protect her. Much to her shock, this caused Suletta to become even more convinced at her mother's words that what she did was right. Disturbed at Suletta's smile, Miorine asked Suletta if she would give up her dream of building a school at Mercury or commit murder again if she said so. When Suletta said yes to both, she ran off.

At Aerial's hangar, Miorine angrily confronted Prospera, saying that she would not allow her to control Suletta anymore. However, Prospera revealed that Miorine's father, Delling, was her enemy for orchestrating the Vanadis Incident and killing her husband, teacher, and friends, leaving only her and her daughter alive. Though shocked by the revelation, Miorine insisted that Prospera leave Suletta out of her revenge. Prospera agreed, in exchange for her help in saving Quiet Zero from discontinuation by becoming the new President of Benerit Group. When Miorine agreed, Prospera added another condition: have Suletta fight in one last duel.

Final Duel

As Miorine's 17th birthday neared, Suletta tried to apologize for their earlier conversation. Miorine asked her if she would give up Aerial if she asked her to. Though somewhat hesitant, Suletta said she would not, because Aerial was her family. Though Suletta was excited about celebrating Miorine's birthday, Miorine remained cold and distant.

After overhearing Suletta and Guel's conversation at the greenhouse and learning that Guel wanted to revitalize Jeturk Heavy Machinery, Miorine asked Suletta to duel Guel for her birthday present. Later, at Miorine's room, Guel told her that he could not duel again. However, she revealed to she intended to let him win, so that the Jeturk Company would back her in her bid to become the Benerit Group's president. Support from the Group also meant that Jeturk Heavy Machinery could be revitalized.

At the Dueling Committee, at Miorine's instruction, Guel challenged Suletta with Aerial at stake. Though Suletta was surprised that Guel wanted to take Aerial, she accepted at Miorine's encouragement. Later, Guel asked Miorine if what she said about Suletta's mother was true, she confirmed that Suletta would obey anything her mother said and that she wanted Suletta to live in a world where she was not bound by Gundam or anything else. Guel replied that such a world did not exist before changing the subject and asking Miorine for a pair of scissors and an electric shaver for his hair.

Before the duel, Miorine installed a "victory charm" app onto Suletta's student handbook, with the icon being the two key chains that Suletta gifted her. Unbeknownst to Suletta, the app was actually given to Miorine by Prospera, and was connected to Aerial.

During the duel, Guel, piloting an upgraded Darilbalde, fought the Aerial, whose damage during Rumble Ring was still not repaired. Though Guel was traumatized by the events of Plant Quetta, he still fought as hard as he could, even making use of Darilbalde's AI, which he had a distaste for. However, after the Darilbalde destroyed Aerial's left arm, it activated Permet Score 6 and took control of Darilbalde's Iśvara drones. Aerial's shell unit then began to glow white, which Prospera took notice of; Prospera then sent her signal to Miorine.

Just as Aerial was about to finish Darilbalde with the GUND-BIT Rifle, Miorine activated the app, causing Aerial to deactivate. Guel immediately sliced off one of Aerial's blade antennas, causing Suletta to lose the duel. As Suletta was still in shock, Miorine drove to the testing sector and opened Aerial's cockpit.

As Suletta desperately tried to explain that Aerial stopped moving, Miorine revealed that she made Suletta lose the duel and that her deal with Suletta was finished. She then returned the key chain that Suletta gifted her and deactivated the colors of her holder uniform, before bidding farewell to the "Mercurian country bumpkin".

Quinharbor Incident

Quiet Zero's Unveiling

Reunion with Suletta

Before attempting to pilot the Gundam, Suletta wishes to meet with Miorine and have a heart-to-heart only for Guel to meet with her first. He says that since Miorine is now his fiancee, he won't let her go to her just like that. At the same time, having heard that Suletta wants to talk heart to heart with her, they agree on a new duel, the price of defeat in which will be Suletta's final complete rejection of Miorine. Suletta and Guel engage in a brief fencing duel which results in Suletta emerging victorious. Guel gives Suletta back her Holder Uniform, and he leads her to where Miorine is. Finally meeting again, Suletta calms Miorine, paralyzed by fear of new terrible mistakes, telling her that she does not consider their meeting a mistake and motivates her to accept the immutability of the past and move on. After Miorine eventually agrees to come out and and offers Suletta to fly to earth together to resolve the consequences after the conflict with Quiet Zero is over, Suletta extends her hand to her, which the Miorine accepts.





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