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Mikhail Kaminsky (ミハイル・カミンスキー, Михаил Каминский?) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. He is a member of the Principality of Zeon's elite Cyclops Team.


A career soldier, Mikhail is frequently unfazed by the stresses of war and is always ready to greet any situation with boisterous laughter and insults. He frequently advises his allies not to worry over any potential problems, showing a strong faith in his ability to handle any situation they might encounter.

Mikhail is frequently drunk, often carrying a liquor-filled flask with him wherever he goes. He is not above going into battle while inebriated, to the point of tying his flask to his cockpit frame, though it seems to have no negative effects on his ability to effectively pilot a mobile suit.


Mikhail is a big, rugged Russian who is a solid member of the Cyclops Team. During Operation Rubicon, Mikhail is used as a decoy as he flies his Kampfer across Libot so that Cyclops Team can divert attention from the Earth Federation's Libot base and steal/destroy Gundam Alex pending the outcome of their actions. Once Operation Rubicon fails, Mikhail is left to face off against RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex". Having exhausted his other weapons, one shotgun, two RPGs, and one bazooka, against the Grey Phantom's Scarlet Team, consisting of Mass-Produced Guncannons, GM Commands, and GM Sniper II, Mikhail turns on the building where Alex is. He used his second bazooka to destroy the roof, then fired his shotgun at the Gundam, but Alex evaded the first shot. The second shot did no damage due to the Chobam Armor. Mikhail tossed the shotgun, and headed for one of the trucks he parked earlier. Alex fired its vulcans, then drew its beam saber and pursued the Kampfer. Mikhail punched a hole in the truck, and grabbed the Mine-Chain inside. The explosion from the bombs engulfed Alex. Mikhail was shocked to see that the Gundam merely lost its exterior Chobam armor and suffered minimal damage from the explosion. Mikhail then attempted to engage the Gundam in melee combat, but was killed by the Gundam's hidden arm-mounted gatling cannon, which tore through his Kampfer's thin armor and perforated him straight through the cockpit.

In other media

Mikhail appeared in in Gundam Battle Assault and Gundam Battle Assault 2 with his Hygogg, and Gundam vs. Gundam in the Kampfer.

In the Extreme Vs. series, Mikhail returns with his Kämpfer. Among his interactions, he will act as a bit of a mentor for Wiseman and helps offer advice on the field. Due to his age, he doesn't think too highly of the younger pilots; calling Amuro Ray, Christina Mackenzie and Duo Maxwell as brats and refers to Bernard and Soma Peries as chicks.

Like several Zeon members in the series, he will be able to recognize several aces such as Shin Matsunaga, Johnny Ridden and Anavel Gato and other commanders like M'Quve and Cima Garahau. Conversely, Mikhail will be annoyed with how Cucuruz Doan's Zaku lacks its weapons. Mikhail will also be amazed by the development of Gyunei Guss's MSN-03 Jagd Doga though he is unhappy when the youth expresses concern over the Kämpfer's performance.

Mikhail is also particularly interested with Master Asia; noting his similarities with Captain Steiner due to them sharing the same voice actor and is surprised when GF13-001NHII Master Gundam literally uses its fists for combat. He will also make the same mistake when meeting Seabook Arno, mistaking the Federation pilot for Bernard thanks to their voice actor.

Mikhail also sees Celestial Being's motives to eradicate war to be an interesting joke at best.


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