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Middie Une is a fictional character from the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Episode Zero manga.


Middie appears to be the dutiful type, performing the dangerous work of a spy for the Alliance so she could make enough money to take care of her family. But she resents this familial duty, declaring to No-Name after she had been outed how much she envied his lack of bonds, and resented that he was free and she wasn't. There are also suggestions that she had begun to develop feelings for No-Name, but refused to act on them because of her duty and guilt.


The young civilian girl who betrayed No-Name and a band of mercenaries in his Episode Zero chapter. She served as the group's cook and befriended Trowa while working undercover as an Alliance spy in return for funds to take care of her sick father and brothers. Because of tracking devices and a transmitter disguised as a small handheld game she provided information the Alliance needed to lay a trap that destroyed the mercenaries, who were working for anti-Alliance rebels.


  • Middie Une shares a surname with Lady Une; however aside from the name there is no noticeable connection.


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