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Michel Ninorich (ミケル・ニノリッチ?) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. A soldier assigned to the 08th MS Team, he served as the co-pilot of the Hover Truck during the One Year War.

Character & Personality

Michel is a timid young man from the space colonies. He joined the Earth Federation Forces during the One Year War, where he, like Shiro Amada, was transferred to Earth and assigned to the 08th MS Team.

Michel was initially excited and eager to pilot a mobile suit, and was disappointed to discover he was to be Eledore Massis's assistant in a Hover Truck. He does get his chance to pilot a mobile suit, briefly, when he and Terry Sanders Jr. switch places. However, the only action he does as a mobile suit pilot is firing one shot at the Apsalus II.

Between battles, Michel writes letters to his girlfriend B.B., who still lives in the space colonies. Michel and B.B. wrote several letters to each other while he was on duty in Southeast Asia; however, she broke off the relationship in a letter, saying that she couldn't stand not knowing if each letter would be his last. Though Michel hopes they will get back together at the war's end, she ends up marrying someone else.



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