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Michael Trinity (ミハエル・トリニティ Mihaeru Toriniti?) is a character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Michael is the second brother among the Trinity Siblings. Like his other siblings, Michael was made from Ribbons Almark's genetic material. He pilots the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei.

Personality & Character

Michael is the most violent member of Team Trinity. Overall, Michael is an immature, sadistic, spiteful, and narcissistic person. While he is very prone to extreme violence, he also shows strong loyalty to his brother and murderous jealousy whenever Nena likes any men. He enjoys violence so much that he's eager to start a fight.

Skills & Abilities

Michael's abilities aren't completely understood. Although he was created from Ribbons Almark's genetic material, he did not demonstrate any Innovade abilities. He was given the abilities to pilot a Gundam and apparently his best skills are close range combat as he personally likes to use blades to hurt someone in a fight, be it in person and/or in a MS.


Rescuing the Gundam Meisters

When the four original Gundams were about to be captured by a joint AEU-HRL-Union military operation, Michael and his siblings intervened and saved the Meisters. He decimated the HRL's Tierens and saved Allelujah/Kyrios. After the rescue he and his siblings then retreated back to space, reviewing the Gundams' previous missions. They then rendezvoused with the CBS-70 Ptolemaios to inform the Meisters and the crew of Ptolemy of their intentions.

Meeting Amongst Meisters

When Team Trinity rendezvoused with the Ptolemaios crew, Michael and Nena were carried to the Ptolemy by Johann in the Throne Eins. When meeting Ptolemy's Meisters, Michael threatened to stab Setsuna when Nena kissed him, only to be calmed by Johann. While being interviewed by Neil and Tieria, Michael acted immaturely and sent back Tieria's questions in a mocking tone.

Throne Armed Interventions

Michael and his siblings began mass scale attacks around the globe's military bases with total annihilation tactics. After Nena's attack on civilians, Setsuna attacked the Thrones and cited them as sources of conflict. Johann had Michael/Zwei handle Setsuna/Exia. Michael/Zwei unleashed his GN Fangs upon Setsuna/Exia, but all were struck down. Michael had a last reserve pair and almost had him on the back, but Tieria/Virtue intervened and prolonged the battle. Ultimately, it was a stalemate and after agreeing to go their separate ways, they retreated to their base in Northwest Africa. Their earlier attacks went without a hitch until the arrival of the GN-X's. Since the appearance of the GN-X's, Michael and his siblings no longer could perform interventions. Eventually, their secret base on Earth was discovered, and they were forced to flee.


While on the run, Ali al-Saachez somehow located the Trinities and offered assistance due to his sponsor. As soon as Johann inquired about Laguna Harvey, Ali admitted to killing Laguna, and then quickly shot Michael in his heart, killing him instantly. He then proceeded to steal his GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei, using it to kill Johann in the Throne Eins. It's unknown what became of his body afterward.


Celestial Being

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Crew of Ptolemaios
Michael states that Team Trinity's visit to Ptolemaios was to say hello to the Gundam Meisters whose obsolete Gundams had almost become trash (much to the crew's unpleasantness). All of the crew would agree in their disliking towards Michael.
Gundam Meisters
Setsuna F. Seiei
Michael threatened to kill Setsuna after he had rejected Nena. He is later shown wondering why was Nena attracted to him. He also criticized Setsuna's intervention at Azadistan calling the non-resistance principle old and stupid. However, he also thinks Setsuna is crazier than himself when being briefed about the Moralia Incident.
Throne Meisters
Johann Trinity
Michael's allegiance is to his brother Johann; and even if sometimes he is carried away by his personality, Johann has the final word on Michael.
Nena Trinity
Michael's youngest sibling, she has a close relationship with him. Michael acts over-protective with her and he gets jealous of Setsuna.
Laguna Harvey
Laguna Harvey is a observer and traitor to Celestial Being, he built the Gundam Thrones upon Alejandro Corner's instructions. He was instructing the Trinity's the entire time, and when the Trinity's base was discovered, Johann at first thought they were betrayed. Johann later found out that it wasn't Laguna that betrayed them, and it was Ali al-Saachez that killed Laguna Harvey.
Ribbons Almark
Ribbons is the father to the Trinities. Using his own genetic material as a template, the Trinity siblings were created to aid in his personal agenda. However, he never cared for his children; he treated them like chess pieces and didn't feel a thing when they were killed.


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Howard Mason
Howard/Over Flag personally fought Michael/Zwei, but died from Zwei's Fangs.

PMC Trust

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Ali al-Saachez
While he and his siblings take instructions from Laguna Harvey like Ali, they weren't aware of each other's existence. When Ali came to offer help, he instead shot Michael in cold blood and stole the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei.



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