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  • I want to ask permission to start a gallery/page/something on the gundam wiki for people to post pictures of any Gunpla they have built and customized over the years on this wiki. I ask this because Gunpla has been with gundam since its inception and is one of the reasons gundam still so popular today. I feel you admins should support and allow this by allowing for people to post there models with only a short history and a little bit of information on how there are customized.

    Example of a exemptible history I will be using model to represent a Gunpla:

    Guyver92 built this model to compete in the 22-world singles Gunpla battle tournament. he lost in the final round of the United States and lost to Niels nelson who decided to return to Gunpla Battle.

    I feel we could create a page in the Gunpla fighters page called the between or after years and still have it be considered cannon since the gundam build fighters world leaves its self open for the Gunpla made by fans to be cannon in this world and not fanon.



    Note: I will be sending a copy of this letter to each member of the administration staff. 

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