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  • LinYen, I don't know the aim of posting your theories on Newtypes on the talk page, but its way too long for one and features alot of things that don't really make sense. like how do eyes factor into spatial awareness.  Just saying that this wiki isn't the place for it

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    • !!? Really, the info is there...simply reason it out for yourself...ok.. here:

      1.)" in order to adapt to the great void "- the great void is the cause.

      2.)"to understand each other without misconceptions"- The void will easily and quickly take the life of those with inaccurate and slow awareness,"in order to adapt to the great void": spatial coordination/reasoning and accurate comunication with minimal effort are extreemly stressed. "to understand each other without misconceptions", in this way, getting lost in the void become less likely.  

      3.)The mere act of survival in the "void", clearly enhances mathematical aptitudes as precise mathematical skill is a must in all aspects of spacenoid life. Those who fail to meet the requirements of survival:" latent abilities will blossom in order to adapt to the great void", often end up adrift, suffocating and freezing as their space suits run out of air and energy.

      Space life, it is survival of the fittest mind therfore: it's only natural that New-types of mental strength will emerge "in order to adapt to the great void". 

      If I were a Newtype, I'd make far fewer mistakes in life.. at least I wont have to edit my poor spelling so much >.< 

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    • Back to my original point... I think. Chan isn't a Newtype. Banagher as far as is known isn't a cyber Newtype

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  • Hi, welcome to The Gundam Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Spacenoids page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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