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  • What about the technology of Gundam? 

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    • Thanks i will look into it 

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    • Um i am think about how to add A.D. from the Gundam 00 to my version of the Gundam timelines . (From the Beginning of the Gundam Unicorn to the End of Gundam Exa.)

      So any idea on how i am incorporating em ?

      Maybe put at start of Exa 's F.F. (Far Future. ) during the peace of A.D which i may have to change it into F.F. as i don't really thinking that creation of the game or at least the manga author did himself name unknown Timelines . (Maybe put in the over thousands of Generation like Star Wars: A New Hope ?) at End of Season 2 all Build Gundam series are happened as most Gundam series is started to treat like how one year wars was view as this war like in the Fictional story in the Gundam Unicorn ? As that no way could definitely happening  ?

      I like idea of the Black History from C.C. (Turn A Gundam) that do becoming The General Answer in Gundam EXA as it could survive though from the birth during the U.C.100 to the End of After War to Exa 's far Future.

      Like i could definitely put em (OO S1 & S2) in the F.F. 2307-2311. 

      And all Gundam Build series too place in the F.F.2511-2530. 

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