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  • Why is posting a message on here different-looking than posting one on Narutopedia? What's with the "What's this about?" heading thingy rather than posting your own heading title and doing four tildes??? Also, why have the Heading title and then posting underneath with adding four tildes than doing this????

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    • 'Cause we are manly men.

      And a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
      When a man is a man among men,
      And a man among men's gotta do what a man's
      Gotta do as a man among men.

      We'll hunt the black Rhinoceros down
      On the plain so dry and hot.
      We'll blow him over and take his horn
      And leave the rest to rot,
      Yes, leave the rest to rot.

      © Greg Keeler 1991

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  • Hi there, I'm Kaidus and I have a question that's been bugging me for a while: do you or anyone else know if the Minerva was sunk at the end of Gundam Seed Destiny? I haven't been able to watch the second half of the series and never got the answer in the Del-Rey released Manga and would very much like an answer; thank you for your time.

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