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  • Hello, your recent uploads did not comply with our Image Policy:

    Please go to each file's page, click the "About" tab and then "Add a description." Use Special:Upload in the future as it allows you to do this first thing more quickly Please read Project:Image Policy before uploading any more files.

    Monthly Warning Count: 2

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    • I would also suggest that you should put your renamed manga scans onto the Moon Gundam manga main page for the moment, since there were very little information were revealed regarding:

      - Neo Zeon's Vargil;

      - the unnamed Gundam-type MS from the Titans Remnants (defeated by Amuro's Rick Dijeh); and 

      - the transformable ZZ Gundam-lookalike, and so on.

      Once there are more official information becomes available, we can then add new pages for these new mechas. Speculations should not be encouraged at this point.

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    • thank you for your explain.Maybe they need to wait until have more infomations about those MS.

      now we don't even got correct names.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Gundam Wiki:Image Policy

    We aren't even strict with it, but random alpahbet and number is no-no.

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  • May i ask where did you get the picture of the astray red frame powered red model from? it is titled "ASTRAY-RED"

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  • Hi there, i noticed that you have some scans of the turn delta gundam i was wondering if you have a link to the site where they came from? If you dont its fine.


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