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Mercurius, Knight of Thunder (雷の騎士メリクリウス, Ikazuchi no Naito Merikuriusu) is a character from Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Mercurius was known as the Knight of Thunder for having the ability to create and control lightning. He could fly like his brother Vayeate and worked very well with him. Before the series began, Mercurius and Vayeate fought alongside Tallgeese in his first attack on Lacroa. Unfortunately, the Knight Gundams counter-attacked, and in the end sealed Mercurius and Vayeate within rocks at the bottom of the Dark Hole. When Captain Gundam and Bakunetsumaru were trapped within the Dark Hole, they found the imprisoned Knights of Thunder and Storm. Sometime after his first defeat by the Gundam Force, Griffin Tallgeese found Mercurius and Vayeate and freed them from their prisons. Mercurius and his brother followed Tallgeese to Neotopia in his plan to exact revenge on the Gundam Force and retrieve the Spirit Egg.

In the ensuring battle, Tallgeese trapped himself, his minions, the Gundam Force, and Fenn inside a magic square of darkness. Mercurius and his brother were able to easily overpower Captain and Bakunetsumaru, but were powerless against Zero after he merged with the Feather Dragon. In the end, Mercurius, his brother, and Tallgeese fell through a crack in the magic square and ended up in the Minov Boundary Sea. Tallgeese was rendered comatose from his battle, so Mercurius and his brother tried to revive him by transferring their magical energies into their master. A long time later, Mercurius and his brother were knocked away from Tallgeese by the evil sword Epyon, which revived Tallgeese. When Tallgeese took the sword, the spirit within quickly started to overpower Tallgeese's mind, causing him to stab Mercurius, absorbing his body and his mana. This gave Tallgeese the ability to use Mercurius' power of lightning which Tallgeese used in his final battle with the Gundam Force. When Tallgeese was possessed by the evil spirit within the sword and turned into the Berserker Epyon, the left head of Epyon's wyvern form was able to "breathe" a stream of lightning from its mouth.


Mercurius had a series of disks on his back which he used to generate lightning. He also had a shield. When Tallgeese stabbed Mercurius with the evil sword Epyon, the pain from the wound caused Mercurius to drop his shield into the depths of the Minov Boundary Sea. The disks on his back, along with the rest of his body, were absorbed into the sword.



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