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Deciding that he has no choice but to become more ruthless if he hopes to beat the Zeta Gundam, Mashymre Cello uses the new mobile suit Zssa to attack the residential area of the city. Concerned about the hospital where Kamille Bidan is being treated, Fa Yuiry intercepts it with the Methuss as Astonaige Medoz boards the Zeta, trying to prove that Judau Ashta isn't as special as the others think he is.


Axis Captain Mashymre Cello plots to defeat the Argama, although he stresses that he has no desire to bring harm to the residents of Shangri-La, as he believes is the wish of his crush, Haman Karn.

In the refuse yard where the Argama is undergoing repair Judau and his friends enjoy a lunch with the Argama's crew. Although they're reluctant to join the Argama's regular crew, Noa Bright requests they stay with the ship until it needs to leave Side 1. Judau rejects the offer and storms out.

Mashymre begins his clumsy attack in the Zssa to lure out the Zeta, Since there's no qualified Zeta pilot available, Fa goes to combat Mahymre in the Methuss, and Beecha goes to retrieve Judau.

Despite Mashymre's wishes, he Mobile suit battle escalates with the Zeta (pilotted by Mr. Astonage) and the Gaza-C team enterting combat, causing additional damage to the upper-class residences. After much persuasion from his friends, Judau agrees to pilot the Zeta again, claiming it's to repay the debt for the lunch the Argama crew provided him with earlier.

In intricate maneuver's around the Colony's garbage piles, Judau is able to take out both Gaza-C mobile suits. Eventually he's locked into a close quarters fight with the Zssa. When the Methuss intervienes again, Mashymre retreats and the fight is over before Yazan Gable can do anything this episode.

Judau's sister Leina explains her new policy of basically blackmailing Judau to continue working with the Argama crew. The Upper class suffer more losses as karma for allying with the Axis forces.

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