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While transporting his new battleship Mindra back to Axis, Glemy captures a launch bound for the Argama. Gottn hides aboard the launch, using it to realize his plan to rescue Chara and plunder the Argama. But Emary, who secretly has feelings for Bright, is taken hostage...


With its resources exhausted the Argama docks with La Vie En Rose again. Emaly admits to Bright that she is in love with him. Judau delivers a speech calling on the crew to become more united and denounces Mondo and Beecha as traitors. Elle takes issue with this and beats up Judau until Iino gets a hold of her. An AEUG supply ship is intercepted by a Neo Zeon mobile suit and Glemy orders an interrogation of the crew. The male crew member Madchar Mucha talks without any resistance. The Neo Zeon use the crew to try to get on board the Argama but the female crew member Milly sabotages the plan at the last minute. She gets knocked out then the Neo Zeon attack the Argama. Gottn and Emaly are swept out of the ship and picked up by a Neo Zeon soldier. As a handful of other Neo Zeon soldiers pile into the suit Emaly is released as a shield causing Judau to hold his fire. Gottn flies off unable to understand this. Emaly moves towards the Argama and Bright goes to meet her then Judau in the ZZ takes them back to the Argama.

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