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|image=Meer_campbell_GSD.jpg;As Lacus Clyne
|image=Meer_campbell_GSD.jpg;As Lacus Clyne
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{{nihongo|'''Meer Campbell'''|ミーア・キャンベル|''Mīa Kyanberu''}} is a fictional character from the anime television series ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny]]''.
{{nihongo|'''Meer Campbell'''|ミーア・キャンベル|''Mīa Kyanberu''}} is a fictional character from the anime television series ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny]]''.
==Personality & Character==
===Skills & Abilities===
Singing - With a voice similar to Lacus Clyne, Meer used her singing talents to solidify herself as the successor to the original Lacus for fame and influence.
===Early Days===
===Early Days===

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Meer Campbell (ミーア・キャンベル Mīa Kyanberu?) is a fictional character from the anime television series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Personality & Character

Skills & Abilities

Singing - With a voice similar to Lacus Clyne, Meer used her singing talents to solidify herself as the successor to the original Lacus for fame and influence.


Early Days

Little is known about Meer's past. However, she's a Coordinator from PLANT. A talented singer, Meer idolized Lacus Clyne and hoped she could be like her one day. Meer's voice was often complemented to sound just like Lacus and she hoped to debut with her song(s) one day. Meer would have her chance when Durandal searched for a doppelganger for Lacus.

After the events of SEED, Gilbert Durandal succeeded Patrick Zala as PLANT's Supreme Council Chairman and head of ZAFT's military. Durandal wanted to make the world a better place through his Destiny Plan initiative. In order to realize his goals, he needed influential reach like Lacus Clyne. Unfortunately, Lacus disappeared after the first Alliance-PLANT War. Lacus secretly moved to Orb to be with Kira Yamato and looked after the orphaned children. Without the real Lacus, Durandal opted to find someone to take over Lacus' identity and loyally serve him.

Becoming Lacus Clyne

Before the second Alliance-PLANT War conflict, agents of Durandal discovered Meer's voice sounding exactly like Lacus and approached her to succeed Lacus. Although Meer thought it was unusual, her desire for stardom and the chance to become her beloved idol superseded any suspicions. Meer agreed to undergo reconstructive surgery and it successfully made her into Lacus. Although excited to become Lacus, the real Lacus always kept her life private; Meer did all the research she could about her idol to make sure her transformation was complete. After the transformation process, Meer met her benefactor.

Although Durandal is responsible for turning Meer into Lacus, he didn't see Meer throughout this time. They met before the start of the second Alliance-PLANT War conflict. During the meeting, Durandal used his manipulative charm to convince Meer that he needed her help to make the world a better place. Moved by his reasoning, Meer agreed to pose as Lacus to help him achieve his plans. In reality, Durandal used Meer as a influential figure head to pacify opposition and sway support to his agenda(s).

Second Alliance-PLANT War

After the first Alliance-PLANT War, both sides agreed to a non-aggression pact through the Treaty of Junius. Unfortunately, both parties never truly resolved their issues between each other. ZAFT secretly used that time to rebuild their military power and strengthen their defenses. With the Alliance, members of Blue Cosmos/Logos had taken a stronger hold of the Alliance military. They have also rebuilt and strengthened their military forces in hopes to eliminate the Coordinators. The second war started by a declaration of war with a nuclear attack against PLANT. It was in between all of this that Meer's influence as Lacus would play a major role in the conflict.

Meeting Athrun & First Appearance

Meer was briefed over Lacus' life, but it was based on older information from two years ago. As far as Meer is concerned (as Lacus), she's engaged to Athrun Zala and loves him. However, nobody realized that Athrun and Lacus already moved on. Athrun is now engaged to Cagalli Yula Athha and Kira Yamato is with Lacus. Meer would make her appearance at the start of the Second Alliance-PLANT War.

When the Alliance declared war against PLANT and launched a surprise nuclear strike, ZAFT successfully repelled the attack with powerful weapon called the Neutron Stampeder. It was during that time Athrun returned to PLANT, he was confused to see an oddly energetic and loving Lacus embrace him. He was confused over her behavior but didn't have time to understand the situation as her minders called her to make a public statement; things would be clarified when Athrun had a private meeting with Durandal.

The public within PLANT learned from the news about the attack and was eager for retaliation. Meer helped placate the denizens of PLANT by making a public statement that acknowledged the heinous actions of the Alliance, but also called for calmness and sang a song for peace. The tactic worked and it managed to calm the rage of the public. It was during the private meeting (just as news of the Alliance attack happened) that Durandal admitted to Athrun he replaced Lacus with Meer. Durandal admitted that Lacus' influence surpasses his and needed her power to pacify the public. While Athrun didn't agree with using Lacus' image falsely, he didn't openly reject Meer's imposition. After the meeting with Durandal, Meer tells him her real name and drags him to dinner.

Smitten with the romantic stories of Athrun's actions for Lacus in the first war, Meer was very interested towards Athrun and was surprised to learn how quiet and shy of a person he is. However, she hoped to learn more about Lacus through Athrun's experience with her over dinner. As they speak, Meer asks him about the speech she delivered. Athrun does not respond saddening her. Athrun feeling sorry, reassures her by saying she is almost identical to the real one which makes her face lit up with happiness. Athrun frankly tells her that it's not her but Lacus' "power" that the chairman needs. Meer replies that she doesn't mind if only it is for the moment because she could help the people by being Lacus as she was a nobody and is never needed by anyone.

As time passed, Meer already took the pretending way too seriously fearing that she would go back to her old life of being unwanted. This was shown when she became angry when no one greeted her when she arrived and when her manager said "It's the real one (Lacus)" who boarded the ship.

When he defects, Athrun attempts to convince her to escape Gibraltar with him, she refuses, claiming that she is Lacus and that she prefers to be Lacus.

Lacus' Return & Disappearing

Meer's imposture is revealed to the general public by Lacus after the Battle of Onogoro, when the real Lacus interrupted Meer's TV news broadcast. Following this, Durandal sends Meer, along with her bodyguard Sarah into hiding at the lunar city of Copernicus. Ironically, the Archangel, after being assigned to Orb's 2nd Space Fleet, also lands on Copernicus with Lacus Clyne in tow. Sarah informs Meer of the Archangel's presence and tells her that the other one may be with them. Sarah then suggests that Meer (whom she addresses as Lacus) do something about it, and Meer accepts.

As Kira, Athrun, Lacus, and Meyrin Hawke go shopping, Meer's red Haro gives a note to Lacus saying that Meer is going to be killed (or as the letter says "I'm gonna be killed! -Meer"). Athrun and Meyrin say they believe that it is a trap, but Lacus decides to go anyway, since Meer asked for Lacus' help. The other three accompany Lacus to meet Meer.

Trapping Lacus & Death

Meer meets the others in an empty amphitheater surrounded by armed men waiting in ambush. She is surprised to see Athrun, whom she thought had died after he was branded a traitor. Meer clings to the belief that she is Lacus Clyne, as the real Lacus tries to calm her down, telling Meer that she is her own person with her own dreams, even if she looks and sounds like Lacus right now. Desperate, Meer threatens to shoot Lacus but is stopped by Athrun, who shoots the gun out of her hands.

Sarah, who is lying in wait, tries to shoot Lacus, but Kira's mechanical bird Torii (Birdy in the dubbed version) alerts Athrun to the threat. A heated gunfight then ensues, as Athrun takes down most of the armed men, and Sarah is seriously injured, when a grenade she throws is deflected back at her by Kira and Meyrin.

Death & Legacy

Mu La Flaga arrives in the ORB-01 Akatsuki after the firefight to evacuate them all. Kira asks Meer to go with them. She first hesitates but eventually accepts. However, she sees Sarah aiming for Lacus; Meer tries to warn off Lacus, but instead takes the bullet for Lacus, while running towards her, while Athrun and Kira then shoot and kill off Sarah.

Meer gives Lacus a picture of herself before her cosmetic surgery, and after begging her not to forget her songs and life with a sincere apology, saying she liked to meet them all properly she dies in a tearful Lacus' arms. Athrun carries Meer's dead body to the Archangel, where a brief but heartfelt funeral service is held for her in her honor. Later, Lacus and the others read Meer's personal diary about her life (with her voice-over again not reflecting what is written). Lacus tearfully promises Meer that she and her friends will never forget about her and her life. Meer is laid to rest with military honors.


He said, "I am in need of your power now... for the sake of PLANT." That's why..."
"It's not your power... but Lacus's that he needs."
"That's true. But for now... No. It's not only now, isn't it? Lacus-san is always needed by everyone. She's always so strong, pretty, and gentle. Mia isn't needed by anyone. That's why it's okay even if it is just for now. As long as I can be of help to the Chairman and the people, in place of Lacus-san who is not here, I am happy to do so.

Meer Campbell and Athrun Zala about Gilbert Dullindal and Lacus Clyne., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

Please song...And my life.

Meer Campbell to Lacus Clyne.,Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny in Episode 46

I would've liked you...properly. All of you.

Meer Campbell.,Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny in Episode 46

I'm sorry...

Meer Campbell last word to Lacus Clyne,Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny in Episode 46


Notes & Trivia

  • Meer's name has two meanings: Her name is Dutch for "lake" (as a counterpart to Lacus's name, which is Latin for "lake"), and it's also the phonetic spelling of the English word, "mirror". This shows a symbolic connection between Lacus and Meer through their appearances as well as suggest about Meer's impersonation of Lacus.
  • Meer Campbell has known having a voice that sounds very similar to her idol's, Lacus Clyne. Reflecting this, both Meer Campbell and Lacus Clyne are voiced by Rie Tanaka[1] in the Japanese version and by Chantal Strand[2] in the English dub. Jillian Michaels provides the English singing voice of both as well and Stephanie Sheh provides the voice of Meer in NYAV Post dub.
  • Meer's last name may be a reference to Miia (whose Japanese name is also ミーア), a member of an alien race known as the "Campbellians" from Chōdenji Robo Combattler V.



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