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A funeral is held for Meer on the Archangel. Athrun, Kira, Lacus, and Meyrin read Meer's diary and learn why she had aided Durandal.


Athrun and the others carry Meer’s body to the Archangel while regretting they let her die in front of their eyes. Lacus looks through Meer’s purse and finds her diary kept in a disk. She writes that she was an avid fan of Lacus and an aspiring singer, and how her days were fulfilled after her plastic surgery. Her entries were written without mincing her words. She describes how nervous she was to impersonate Lacus, the longing and excitement of meeting Athrun for the first time, the sense of fulfillment and togetherness of a live performance… And the bliss of being supported by the mass and leading the people to peace… “The chairman said that it’s okay. That I…that I saved the world. Right? I’m the one who did it. So I’m…I’m…”

While reading Meer’s words, Lacus remembers her dying words. “My songs…life… Please don’t forget me…” Even if she was a fake, she “sang for peace,” just like Lacus, and that is the undeniable fact. Lacus cries in Kira’s arms and vows she will never forget Meer. In the meantime, Durandal announces a memorial statement for the PLANTs’ victims to the whole world. Then labels it “the last defense for the survival of the human race” as he declares the introduction of his Destiny Plan. Those words perplex Shinn.

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