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The Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01 (メッサーF01型?) is a mobile suit that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway movie. The main mobile suit of Mafty, it specialized in guerrilla warfare in cooperation with the Galcezon [4][5].

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01 is an MS operated as the main force machine of the Anti-Earth Federation Organization Mafty. Anaheim Electronics was in charge of the development of the mobile suits and the units were created as a [part of the same line as former Neo Zeon Mobile Suits such as the AMS-119 Geara Doga and MSN-04 Sazabi. Their designs were heavily based on Zeon-type MS designs such as the rounded armor parts, mono-eye, and shoulder armors with spikes, but this is also thought to be a result of AE's intention to hide their involvement with Mafty. However, structural features such as the air intakes on the chest, which were usually features of Earth Federation Forces mobile suits, were seen on the units. The Mobile Suits were 23 meters tall and were heavily applied with armor, but were able to gain high maneuverability and mobility due to the main thrusters on the back and sub thrusters placed on the legs and hip [2].

When free falling from high altitudes the MS deploys a Vectored Tail Stabilizer equipped on the back to perform air braking and attitude control [4][5].

They were equipped with standard armaments that consisted of a Beam Rifle, Shield, and Beam Sabers, and the various units are derived from those used by Earth Federation Forces mobile suits in order to handle guerrilla warfare. The Messer had several variations including the Type-F01 and were utilized in different battle situations and usages depending on their specifications [2].


Beam Saber

It was equipped with the same type of Beam Sabers used by the RGM-89 Jegan Type-A. The beam blades only extended during melee combat. The MS was intended for guerrilla warfare and resulted in adopted armaments including the Beam Sabers to be highly versatile [2].

Long Beam Rifle

A Beam Rifle designated to Messers. They had long barrels and were equipped with optical sights on the right side of their main units that enabled long-range attacks such as sniping. The E-packs were the same types as the ones for the Beam Rifles used by the RGM-89 Jegan Type-A and other mobile suits, and they had adopted the method of mounting two E-packs in parallel under the barrel [2].

Large Shield

A large shield that displayed high defensive abilities against beam weapons. It functioned both as a shield and as a weapon rack that could store spare E-packs and Beam Sabers [2].


Diversionary Attack in Davao

Mafty's operation commenced at night. Galcezons carrying Messers flew above the ocean. Gawman Nobile piloted a Me02R-F01 Messer Type-F01. As his unit launched, Civet told him that the interval is 180 seconds but the communications cut off after Civet mentioned Hathaway. Combat was visible as the Kimberley Unit had already detected Mafty. Gawman took aim at the Regent Hotel (opposite the Tasaday Hotel). The Regent Hotel was hit at 03:52. Gawman landed his Messer Type-F01 in some trees. The Messer Type-F01 aimed its Long Beam Rifle at the 43rd floor of the Tasaday Hotel. It continued to do battle with Gustav Karl Type-00 mobile suits. Gawman was then caught off-guard as the Penelope flew past and gunfire from it caused him to lose his Long Beam Rifle, planting itself into the road Hathaway, Gigi and Emerelda were escaping through. Gawman, barely armed, tried to avoid fire from a persistent Gustav Karl Type-00 but began a descent when it damaged the left thruster on the back of his Messer Type-F01. As they continued evacuating, Emerelda directed Hathaway and Gigi to a park where Gawman's Messer Type-F01 landed near them. Two Gustav Karl Type-00 mobile suits continued fighting despite the collateral damage Gigi and Hathaway bore witness as two Gustav Karl Type-00 mobile suits disabled Gawman's Messer Type-F01. Gawman exited his Messer Type-F01 and was taken prisoner by the EFF [3].

Penelope vs Ξ Gundam

A Galcezon was seen carrying a Messer Type-F01 near the waters where the Cargo Pisa landed [3].




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Notes & Trivia

  • Unlike the original, the cockpit is in the head instead of the stomach [7].
    • According to Seiichi Nakatani, it was decided from the outset that the cockpit of the Messer would be in the head, but from the rough sketches it was difficult to understand the contrast with the Sazabi from Char's Counterattack, so attention was paid to the consistency of the expression of the size and proportions. [5].
  • It was Nobuhiko Genma's idea to use the back skirt as a stabilizer for control in free fall [5].
  • According to Genma, because there were very few settei images of the original, there were many discussions with the director and Hajime Katoki about what the head should look like as a three-dimensional object. He tried making the upper body with clay twice. In addition, since the Messer is an MS that wages guerrilla warfare, to prepare a vectored tail stabiliser that would curb fuel consumption, they modified a plastic model of the Sazabi to verify the range of motion [5].


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