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May (メイ Mei?) is a character in the anime Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE. She is the pilot of the JMA0530-MAY Wodom Pod and HER-SELF Mobile Doll May.

Personality & Character

A female EL-Diver who believes in solo play. She is only interested in Gunpla Battle, and battles everyday in Gunpla Battle Nexus Online. EL-Divers' personalities vary depending on the differences in surplus data from which they are born, and May's personality is a result of her being born from surplus data based on passion for Gunpla Battles.[1] Her battle style is to instantly calculate the best strategy, then calmly bring down her opponent, and she is dreaded by the other Divers. It is later hinted that some of Eve's data may have been utilized in May's creation as she has a pendant identical to the unique earring that Eve wore.

Skills & Abilities

Similar to Sarah, she has a Gunpla form: the Mobile Doll May.


May was one of the 87 EL-Divers discovered after the second Coalition of Volunteers battle. Her data was eventually transferred to the Mobile Doll May, allowing her to interact with the real world. She met Sarah in her Mobile Doll body immediately after the transfer was completed. Sometime later, following the disappearance of GBN diver Masaki Shido who apparently did not log out of the game, May was asked to use her abilities as an EL-Diver to search for any data on him and his Gunpla drifting in the vast dimensions of the game. She was assisted in this task by Magee. During the course of her investigation, she hears a distressed voice and runs into Par, Hiroto and Kazami. Hearing a cry for help, May turns around and notices Freddie on a screen and agrees to help him out.



May addresses Sarah with the honorific Nee-san (姉さん "Sis"?) [2].


Notes & Trivia


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