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Matisse(マティス Matis) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray.


Matisse is a megalomaniac who believes she is "the Creator of this world", which is due to her upbringing in The Clan, and dislikes those who interferes with her plans, and refers to them as "the 13 Irregulars". These are the following Irregulars noted in the events of Destiny Astray:

Ace: Kira Yamato

2: Lowe Guele

3: Gai Murakumo

4: The Professor

6: Edward Harrelson

Jack: Jean Carry

Queen: Lacus Clyne

Joker: Jess Rabble


The younger sister of Matias, she is brought up in the organization, The Clan and inherits Matias's position as the organization's leader when he was kicked out. It was because of her revealing the secret of Matias's true gender that he was ousted from the organization. Matisse later becomes the commander of an Earth Alliance special intelligence unit, but this is merely a subterfuge to advance her work as The Clan's leader.

She knew about the Break the World operation but did nothing to stop it. She even disrupted the Junk Guild's attempt to prevent it as she view the operation to be beneficial to her plan. She is also aware of the existence of LOGOS.

She something disguised herself as a reporter, and uses the alias "Laura Lotte". She used this alias to meet with Jess in the Seed Destiny Astray novel, and in Seed Destiny Astray B to meet with Dante and Elsa. She later dies together with her brother when he activated the self-destruct mechanism on her ship, this also led to the downfall of The Clan.

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