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Masked Second G (マスク・ド・セカンドG?) aka Masked Second Generation (マスク・ド・セカンド ジェネレーション?) is a character in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready. He is the pilot of the AGE-2GH Gundam AGE-2 Gazing Hound and NK-13S Gundam Schwarzritter.

Personality & Character

A mysterious masked fighter with an outfit resembling that of the second Meijin Kawaguchi. His battle skills and philosophy are identical to those of the second Meijin Kawaguchi. His true identity and background is shrouded in mystery.


Masked Second G first appears during the 8th Gunpla Battle World Championship. During the final round for the regional qualifiers, he defeated all his opponents within 10 seconds, cementing himself as one of the World Championship's top contenders.



like Sekai Kamiki, Masked Second G can also use "assimilation"

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