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Live! Wait until the war is over, comeback!

—Prochnow's admonitory talk to the Oggo pilots prior to their final mission of defending A Baoa Qu.[1]

Martin Prochnow (マルティン・プロホノウ) is one of the main characters from the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO.


The Hidden One Year War

Martin Prochnow is the captain of Jotunheim. In command of the Jotunheim since its time as a passenger transport. He is currently a commensurate captain in the Principality Forces. Martin commands several mission operation to test the latest prototype weapons of Principality of Zeon. Captain Prochnow participated in the Battle of Loum were his crew tested the QCX-76A Jormungand, Earth Drop Operations, and responded to the distress call of the orbit-drowning Zeon forces retreating from Odessa.

Apocalypse 0079

With Zeon losing their foothold on Earth, Martin and his crew are assign to infiltrate a prototype weapon into the Federation airspace and attack Federation warships launching from Jaburo. Later on, the Jotunheim is sent to A Baoa Qu to defend the E-field.


Notes and Trivia

  • Martin Prochnow is voiced by Shozo Iizuka, a famous veteran Japanese voice actor who also voiced for Ryu Jose of the First Gundam.
  • Following the World War II themes that have been long established in Universal Century Gundam Universe (namely WWII German themes for the Principality of Zeon), Prochnow appears to be named after German actor Jurgen Prochnow, who played the unnamed captain of the German submarine U-96 in the movie Das Boot.


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