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Personality & Character

Mamoru is a kind and innocent child who deeply loves Gunpla and his older brother Shimon whom he builds Gunpla for. He appears to be fond of mobile suits from Gundam Seed series, and had several beside his hospital bed.

Skills & Abilities

Mamoru is a decently skilled Gunpla builder even though he is ill. However, his skill in building is more of a beginner's level as his Gunpla still shows off the seams where two pieces come together and even sport the nubs from where the connectors are. After Shimon loses, he's inspired to do better by and builds the ZGMF-X56S/θ Destiny Impulse Gundam by himself.


Mamoru used to watch his brother's boxing matches and was very happy when his brother won the Championship, but he suddenly fell very ill, this caused his brother Shimon to quit boxing so he could look after him. Mamoru enjoyed Gunpla mostly from the Seed and Seed Destiny series and constructed the Destiny Gundam that Shimon used to enter the Gunpla Tournament.


Shimon Izuna
Mamoru loves his brother a lot and admires his skill. He is the builder for Team Faith.
Sekai Kamiki
Mamoru only knew Sekai for a short time but he seemed to like him and was very impressed with the Build Burning Gundam that Sekai let him play with.



  • Mamoru's name means to Protect.
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