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Mahalia Merrill (マヘリア・メリル) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.


Prior to being part of the Shrike Team, Mahalia was orphaned at at the age of seven, losing both her parents and younger brother in an accident.

In the events leading to the battle of Arti Gibraltar, she gives Üso Ewin a lift to where the parts of the Victory Gundam were hidden prior. During their brief conversation, Mahalia expresses slight envy over Üso's parents still being alive. She gives Uso a kiss in the forehead before he disembarks. She reminds Üso to stay faithful to his parents before she left.

Mahalia would later return to the Arti Gibraltar airstrip to escort their carrier craft into a hangar before Zanscare forces under Fuala Griffon's command closes in on them.

Eager to avenge former squad leader Helen Jackson's death, she applies lipstick on her face in the same manner as war paint. Her over-zealousness, however, leads her to prematurely brandish her LM111E02 Gun-EZ's rifle (going against comrade Junko Jenko's lead), consequently falling for the enemy's bluff and giving them photographic evidence that League Militaire (supposedly) started the conflict in neutral territory.

This same brand of recklessness also became her undoing, as her Gun-EZ's cockpit is crushed by a ZM-S09G Tomliat's attack. Though Mahalia was able to open fire and destroy the enemy unit, her cockpit exploded moments later, killing her instantly.


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