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Magical Ensign Blaster Mari (魔法の少尉・ブラスターマリ Mahō no Shōi Burasutāmari?) is a parody manga series set in the Universal Century during the One Year War, written by Kei Ikeda. It was first published in Cyber Comix between the years 1989 and 1990 in issues 8 to 17. It was later collected into a single collected volume published by Bandai as part of the PURE CYBER COMIX series, and was subsequently reprinted in 2004 by Kadokawa.


In U.C. 0079, during the One Year War, Mariko Starmine, a fifth grader at the Zeon 6th Elementary School, meets the legendary Red Comet on his white horse. He gives her a magic wand that grants her magical powers to transform her into the Magical Ensign, Blaster Mari.

When the colony falls under attack by the Earth Federation Forces, Mariko uses her powers to transform and pilot the custom Zaku I to defend her colony.



Principality of Zeon


Mobile Weapons

Mobile Armor

Support Unit

Earth Federation

Mobile Weapons

Support Unit



  • ISBN 4-89-189103-3
  • ISBN 4-84-022821-3

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