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The Magellan-class was a class of space battleship used by the Earth Federation Space Force in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and its OVA adaptation.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The main space battleship of the Earth Federation space fleet, the Magellan-class has the most powerful battery of all the ships in the fleet. She is armed with two twin mega particle gun turrets, which serve as her main guns, as well as five secondary twin mega particle guns, a Vertical Launching System (VLS), and numerous anti-air machine guns.[1][2]

Both her offensive and defensive capabilities surpass the vessels used by the Principality of Zeon. However, her electronically-controlled defense functions and radar-guided long-range precision bombardment were both nullified by Zeon’s dispersal of Minovsky particles, forcing her to rely on Duckbill reconnaissance craft to gather intelligence.[2][3]

A modified version of the Magellan-class, known as the Magellan Kai-class (マゼラン改級), served as flagships for the EFSF space fleets, carrying high-ranking commanders. Her basic performance is unchanged, but she has an extra secondary turret behind her main gun instead of a VLS. Her hull is also distinctively painted to distinguish it from other ships of the class. She is classified as a tactical command ship.[2]


  • 2-barrel Main Mega Particle Cannon
The Magellan is equipped with two main dual-barrel mega particle she, one at the bow of the ship and one on the underside. This is the Magellan’s primary armament.
  • 2-barrel Secondary Mega Particle Cannon
The Magellan is equipped with five dual-barrel secondary mega particle cannons, one in front of the superstructure and two on each side of the ship, two facing forwards and two facing backwards. The command variant is armed with six 2-barrel secondary mega particle guns.
  • 8-cell Vertical Launching System
The Magellan is equipped with 8 vertical launch missile cells between the main mega particle cannon and secondary mega particle cannon atop her deck. The command variant omits these for an additional 2-barrel secondary mega particle cannon. These are primarily used for long ranged anti-ship operations.
  • 2-barrel Anti-air Machine Gun
The Magellan is equipped with 16 dual-barrel anti-air machine guns, six on each side of the ship and four positioned on either side of the bridge tower. These are useful for defending against enemy missiles or fighters, but are less than ideal against more nimble mobile suits.
  • 4-barrel Anti-air Machine Gun
The Magellan is equipped with two 4-barrel anti-air machine guns behind her superstructure.


On January 3, U.C. 0079, the Principality of Zeon declared war on the Earth Federation, beginning the One Year War. In the first battles of the war, Zeon attacked and captured the lunar cities of Granada and Von Braun. The Federation’s Magellan-class battleships and Salamis-class cruisers proved to be no match against Zeon’s ships and mobile suits.[4]

On January 23, U.C. 0079, Zeon was poised to attack Side 5, Loum. In response, the newly constructed EFSF Third Fleet, which included a large number of Magellan-class battleships, was launched from Jaburo using boosters and rendezvoused with the First Fleet led by Admiral Johann Ibrahim Revil at Luna II before heading for Loum to reinforce the Second Fleet already heading there.[4]

During the Battle of Loum, the EFSF Second Fleet consisted of 60 ships, including 15 Magellan-class battleships. Under the command of Admiral Tianem, the Second Fleet engaged the Zeon fleet led by Dozle Zabi. Initially, the Tianem Fleet held the advantage, destroying many Zeon vessels. However, Dozle’s Fleet suddenly altered course, causing the Tianem Fleet to lose sight of it.[4]

At this point, the Revil Fleet was caught in a pincer attack by the Dozle Fleet and Zeon's Special Assault Regiment, led by Miguel Gaia and Char Aznable. Caught by surprise, and with their targeting capabilities hampered by Minovsky particles, the Revil Fleet was quickly devastated by Zeon's mobile suits. During this battle, Char destroyed five Magellan-class battleships in his red-painted Zaku II, earning him the moniker “Red Comet”. The Ananke (SBB-06), Revil’s flagship, was also destroyed by the Black Tri-Stars, and Revil’s escape ship was captured.[5]



  • In Episode 5, the interior designs of the Magellan-class received a major overhaul compared to the ones seen in Episode 1. In Episode 6, it received another minor design change, based on the design of real-life naval ships used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.[6]


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