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Mafty (マフティー Mafuti?) (also spelled as "Mufti") is a fictional militant terrorist organization featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash novel and film trilogy. It is also the pseudonym of the group's leader, Hathaway Noa.


Mafty was an anti-Earth Federation group led by Mafty Navue Erin (Hathaway Noa). Hathaway, still suffering depression (partly due to being hailed as a hero for destroying the NZ-333 Alpha Azieru and accidentally killing Quess Paraya) after the second Neo Zeon conflict, works as a botanical observer. Because of his occupation and status, he is allowed to travel to Earth freely.

Around this time, Hathaway sees the tyranny and corruption running rampant among the privileged class in the Earth Federation, the accelerated pollution in the environment, along with heavy-handed means used to "privatize" the Earth by forcing "unwanted" people into Space (termed "man-hunting"). While visiting Sulawesi, he learns the existence of the group Mafty and its campaign against the Earth Federation, and decides to join their cause. By April 20, U.C. 0105, the Mafty organization is involved with the deaths of eighteen Federation cabinet members and hundreds of civilians. Mafty broadcasts a demand on April 25 to vote down a bill that would allow the privileged class to the privatization of lands on Earth.

In April 26, U.C. 0105, Noa is captured by First Lieutenant Rein Eim after an unsuccessful attempt to raid the Federation assembly in Adelaide to prevent the passing of the bill. He receives a death sentence and is executed by firing squad in May 1, U.C. 0105. Colonel Bright Noa, Hathaway Noa's father who headed the execution, had not been informed of the identity of the condemned person due to the efforts of Hathaway's friend, Kenneth Sleg, until the last minute by Kenneth's superior officers. In June, U.C. 0105, following the death of Hathaway, the organization goes underground and its subsequent fate is unknown.


  • Mafty Navue Erin
  • Emerelda Zubin
  • Gauman Nobil
  • Keria Dace
  • Raymond Cain
  • Fabio Rivera
  • Lowest Heinrich
  • Rayyoh
  • Rod Hain
  • Grescend
  • Domeste
  • Drub Reid
  • Hamilton
  • Viruntes Swecken
  • Betsey
  • Maximilien Nicholai
  • Joset Cedie
  • Ledric
  • Fencer Maine
  • Hendrix Hiyo
  • Kenji Mitsuda
  • Mihesher Hence
  • Golv
  • Civet Angehrn
  • Julia Suga
  • Chartchai Coleman
  • Halla Morrie
  • Caussaria Gace
  • Gahman Nobil
  • Quack Salver
  • Iram Masam
  • Brinks Wedge

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  • In the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series of light novels, Hathaway is mentioned as having studied botany in U.C. 0096.
  • A "mufti" is an Islamic scholar who interprets and expounds Islamic law (sharia and fiqh).

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