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Madorna Workshop is a neutral organization and mobile suit development contractor composed of freelance engineers in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


Madorna Workshop is one of the most famous members in a society of freelance mobile suit engineers unaffiliated with the Earth Federation in space. The large dock ship owned by Mukured Madorna is nearly two kilometers in length.[1] The Madorna Workshop customizes various military mobile suits with state-of-the-art modifications even though it is illegal except at Federation-authorized facilities. Chief engineer Mukured Madorna continues to receives job requests because of his well known skills at constructing and upgrading mobile suits. It has developed their own customizable mobile suits and produced newly modified mobile suits for the Earth Federation Forces, Zalam, Euba, and other requested MS.

In AG 115, the dock was moored in the area near the Fardain colony, where Woolf Enneacle visited his friend Madorna to commission him to build a mobile suit that surpasses the Gundam. Mukured succeeds in at least creating a mobile suit that rivals the Gundam with the WMS-GEX1 G-Exes. Shortly afterward a mysterious man came to Mukred and commissioned him to improve upon a mobile suit that Mukured had never seen before.

Suspicious about the mobile suit, Madorna asked Woolf to come to the workshop. When Woolf along with Flit and his friends were brought before the machine to confirm it as a UE suit, the Zedas activated and attacked, destroying everything in its path. Woolf and Flit engaged the Zedas in a pair of CMS-B/67 Shaldoll mobile suits, until Flit could get the Gundam Titus. However the weaponless Shaldolls and Gundam Titus were too slow to inflict any damage on the Zedas which retreated on the orders of a bored Desil Galette.

While the Diva-class were stationed at Minsry, it underwent an overhaul to upgrade its systems with the help from Madorna. Later on, the Madorna Workshop participated in the Battle of Ambat by sending Shaldolls and repairing damaged mobile suits at their workshop.

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