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Madnug (マドナッグ, Madonagu),formerly known as Professor Gerbera (プロフェッサーガーベラ, Purofessā Gābera) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Madnug was a member of the Super Dimensional Guard, but vanished after an experiment in space warp technology failed. Rescued by General Zeong he takes on a new identity in service to his new master, becoming Professor Gerbera to mask his true identity.

Professor Gerbera

The Dark Axis' chief science officer, Second-in-Command, and Sazabi's immediate superior, Gerbera is fiercely loyal to the goals of the Dark Axis. Despite resembling any other Dark Axis robot, this is just a disguise for Gebera's true form- Madnug, a Neotopian Gundam and 'brother' unit of Captain flung from the future by a terrible accident. Brainwashed into believing humans are evil creatures, he attempts to sway Captain to their cause and when this proves impossible attempts to kill him. In their final battle, he is badly damaged and, as a final act of defiance, prepares to sacrifice himself for the rebirth of Zeong. Captain attempts to stop him, offering to return him to Neotopia. Madnug, however, cannot escape his brainwashing and jumps into a melting pit, ending his tormented life.


Madnug wielded a pair of beam rifles, usually stored inside of two of his three thruster pods. The two separate weapons could combine into a singular beam rifle.


  • "Madnug" is "Gundam" spelled backwards.
  • Madnug is based upon the RX-78GP04G Gundam "Gerbera" and AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra in his Professor Gerbera armor. His defection to Dark Axis is also a reference to how the Gundam "Gerbera" was originally meant for the Earth Federation, but was altered into the Gerbera Tetra and sold to the Delaz Fleet.
  • In the manga adaptation, Madnug's fate is slightly changed. In the final battle he overcomes his brain washing and helps the Gundam Force. However, he is soon destroyed by one of Zeong's hand cannons.
  • "MAD-NUG" (although it does add a line between the word) is Gundam backwards, it is also one of the background music for Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.


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