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The MWF-JGP99G Gundam Astray Violence Geist is a Mobile Suit appearing in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray R photonovel.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Also known as the "Fake Red", it is a modified Civilian Astray JG Custom piloted by an imposter of Lowe Guele. It is a civilian machine modified with various replica parts of Red Frame, Blue Frame Second L and Gold Frame Amatsu Mina sold by Junk Guild. These parts have the look of their real counterparts but not their power or abilities. A component of the Caletvwlch has also been incoporated into one of its weapons. Despite having a purple frame, it is called a 'Fake Red' as the lights on various parts of the MS makes it look reddish. The Violence Geist specializes in close-quarters combat and can transform into the Black Dragon mode to utilize its maximum fighting potential. However, due to the large stress that Black Dragon mode places on the suit's frame, it can only be used for a certain period of time. In addition, the balance of the MS is also degraded during Black Dragon mode as it is too top heavy.


  • Drag Arms
Mounted on the right arm, it is a large close combat weapon in the form of a dragon's head. It incorporates a beam saber and forms the head when the MS is in Black Dragon mode.
  • Geist Blinker
A large sword that is a combination of parts from the Tactical Arms replica as well as the Caletvwlch. The sword's cutting power is mainly provided by the latter. Forms the tail when in Black Dragon mode.
  • Geist Blade
A pair of daggers that are stored on the right shoulder. They are handheld when used in MS mode, and form the hands when in Black Dragon mode.
  • Geist Claw
Blade weapons that are equipped on the heels, they form the toes when in Black Dragon mode.


The occupant of this machine went on a rampage during the "Festival of Red", one of the events in the South America's "Civilian MS Exhibition", before encountering the real Lowe Guele. The Violence Geist confronted Lowe in his Astray Red Frame "Powered Red", but is defeated when Lowe exploits the Violence Geist's weakness of poor machine balance. The pilot was later admonished by Lowe and became a reformed MS fan, renaming his Violence Geist to "Astray Geist."

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