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The MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam (MVF-X08 エクリプスガンダム?) is a custom-made Mobile Suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Eclipse manga. It was piloted by Tatsumi Hori for the Orb Disaster Relief Team [1].

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A custom Mobile Suit developed in secret by Orb. Its most prominent feature was its ability to transform from a flight form to an MS form. It was equipped with a Mirage Colloid function, and was armed with functions specialized for the ODR, an organization that excelled in covert operations. Two units have been confirmed to exist [2].

The MVF-X01 Eclipse was also developed with the aim of giving an MS the functions of a supersonic fighter capable of operating at ultra-high speeds, high altitudes and cruising extremely long-distances. Unlike the MVF-M11C Murasame, which was also a transformable aerial combat MS developed by Orb to defend territorial waters and airspace, the Eclipse had capabilities that allowed it to attack enemy bases. Although these Mobile Suits have similar model numbers, they are machines created with different design philosophies [3].


  • Type 72E4 Beam Rifle "Jinrai"
The main armaments of the Eclipse are equipped on the waist and function as stabilizer wings during MA Form [4].
  • Type 72 Beam Saber
The grips on the Beam Rifles could be pulled, unsheathing the Eclipse's designated Beam Sabers [4].
  • PS-02 Beam Shield
Beam Shields were equipped on both arms. They could be used as defensive armaments and as Arm Swords [4].

Special Equipment & Features

As a result of the pursuit to create an MS that can transform into an MA Form capable of high-speed flight, the excess weapons of the MVF-X08 Eclipse have been removed to reduce weight, and the MS is only equipped with its basic armaments. However, this caused the MS to lose its adaptability in MS Form during combat. To solve this dilemma, the development team took notice of the Striker Packs used by the GAT-X105 Strike, a masterpiece that played a major role during the previous war, and came to the conclusion to adopt a system that allowed the MS to equip optional armaments. This enabled it to gain further diversity through conventional weapons and newly developed armaments. By equipping attachable and detachable armaments, the Eclipse was able to regain the possibilities it lost due the pursuit to achieve a single purpose [3]. As the back section incorporates a Striker Connect. It is compatible with Striker Packs in the same way as the GAT-X105 Strike, and its high expandability allowed the Mobile Suit to undergo various operations [4].
The Eclipse was developed using the Freedom's frame structure that incorporated Mirage Colloid Stealth. Its combability with various equipment enabled it to suppress various battlefields at astounding speeds [4].
The Eclipse was known to have used Phase Shift armor [5].


Originally, it was planned as a strategic bomber rather than an MS, if its existence were to be revealed, it would destroy the basic principles of Orb so it is considered top secret [5].

The name of the machine and its development plan was "Eclipse", when the sun is in shadow—Orb's National Symbol is the sun. This is attached with nuance as it was said that "If this come to the forefront, it will drop Orb into the darkness" [5]. With Orb under the control of the Alliance, it was concealed as the "Special Machine of the Disaster Relief Team" under the Kiou family's control and Ministry of Foreign Affairs' jurisdiction, not the military [5].


  • MVF-X08+EW452HM Maneuver Eclipse Gundam



  • The Eclipse Gundam is also shown to be capable of mounting ZAFT-produced Wizard Packs, and even the ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam's Silhouette packs.
  • The Eclipse Gundam's MA form resembles the design of the race cars appearing in Future GPX Cyber Formula, an anime that was directed by Mitsuo Fukuda.


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