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MS Saga: A New Dawn (known as Gundam: True Odyssey(失われしGの伝説 Ushinawareshi G no Densetsu) in Japan) is an RPG released for the PlayStation 2 console. It features mobile suits and other vehicles from many Gundam series, including Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Char's Counterattack, G Gundam, and Gundam Wing. However, its plot line and characters are entirely original, unrelated to previous Gundam works.


The major focus of the game is the ability to customize their own mobile suits using parts of mecha designs from the early Universal Century Gundam anime series, Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. The units on offer are kept to more basic mecha while more powerful ones (such as the powerful Devil Gundam Corps from G Gundam) are kept as game-controlled bosses. To complete the game, players will need to find which parts and pilots combinations work best. Battles are carried out similarly to older Final Fantasy titles, with enemies and player characters in turn-based combat. Actions use AP, which can be stored up to allow for the use of more powerful weapons or special attack.

Outside of battle, Mobile Suits can be modified by swapping parts, which also usually changes the appearance, altering coloration, which is purely cosmetic, and changing weapons and shield items. For example, the legs of a Dom can be applied to the body of a Gouf, while the Wing Binders of the Zeta Gundam can be equipped to the Nu Gundam in place of its Fin Funnels. Weapons can be hand-held (rifles, sabers) or mounted (Gatling guns, shoulder cannons). Certain special attacks require minimum numbers of weapons, or specific types. Due to the lack of structured mobile suit development history, Mobile suits normally incapable of using beam weaponry such as the Zaku II are capable of using beam rifles and sabers, while lighter units are capable of equipping heavy equipment without the need for additional stabilization. Mobile suits can also be custom painted either as a whole or by individual pieces.


At the peak of society, humanity created a complex machine system the Glory System (Known by all as the G System), an amazing technology which could create any machine so long as there were plans for it. However, tragedy struck soon after and an apocalypse gripped Earth. Humanity began to rebuild society as best they could and called the apocalypse the "Great Fall". A young boy named Tristan (Trush in the original Japanese version) lives happily at an orphanage with his best friend, Fritz. But the happiness is ended when mysterious new weapons known as Mobile suits lay siege on the orphanage and kill its occupants. Seeking revenge and answers, Tristan sets out to find out why his home was attacked. Along the way, he will assemble a party of loyal allies and discover a dark conspiracy. They begin the story by obtaining a RGM-79 GM from the G System and end up battling a Zaku I from the get-go. Tristan and Fritz begin on the quest, after obtaining the RGM-79 GM and Zaku I, to avenge the loss of their orphanage and caretaker. Apparently, the killer, whose name is Vladi Zarth, leads a group called the Dark Alliance, trying to take over the world. They set forth on this quest and meet up with others with the same goal in mind, to kill Vladi Zarth and take down the Dark Alliance.



  • Tristan
  • Fritz
  • Aeon
  • Tremmie Zarth
  • Gavenger
  • Vargas
  • Li Fang
  • Nance Rezner
  • Bazuli
  • Lapis Zarth
  • Hal Vizardt

Dark Alliance

  • Weaver
  • Zain
  • Kowloon


Playable Mobile Suits


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