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The RX-78-2 Gundam MS girl

MS Girl (MS少女) is a form of moe' anthropomorphism art, depicting young girls wearing body armor (or small vehicle in case of large mechanic) resembling Mobile Weapons - usually a mobile suit. The name was first used by Mika Akitaka, who has published his MS Girls art in the Gundam Ace monthly magazine since 1982, with the first official compilation artbook released in July 1994.

The MS Girl trend later spread to other mecha anime series and even real life combat vehicles, becoming an moe' trope of its own dubbed Mecha Musume. MS Girls themselves continue to grow as Gundam Ace continue to publish their art, which usually appears as a parody of model kit series like Gundam Fix Galution to Gundam Fix Figuration or Zeonomusume~ to ZEONOGRAPHY.

MS Girl gained some official recognition in Gundam Build Fighters Try's final episode "Our Gunpla" with the introduction of the Super Fumina, a fusion of the RGM-237C Powered GM Cardigan and its builder, Fumina Hoshino. However, the term 'MS Girl' was not used to describe it. Instead, this type of model is called by a new name Gunpla'Cos Heroine, with the term's first appearance in Hobby Hobby Imaging Builders.

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