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This article is about the mobile suit. For the anime named after this MS, see Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

The MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam was the titular mobile suit of the anime Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. It was also featured in the sequel series Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

Developed as part of Project Zeta, a third generation mobile suit development plan launched by Anaheim Electronics upon request from the AEUG, the Zeta Gundam was a revolutionary Transformable Mobile Suit (TMS). While Anaheim's previous attempt at creating a TMS, the MSN-001 Delta Gundam, failed due to issues with its transformable movable frame, the Zeta Gundam solved this problem by studying the design concept of the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II's movable frame, which had an excellent basic design.[4][5] In addition, it adopted Gundarium γ alloy armor, previously used on Anaheim's RMS-099 Rick Dias.[6]

The Zeta Gundam was capable of transforming into a cruising mode known as "Wave Rider Mode". In this form, the Zeta Gundam adopted a wedge shape, concentrating the shockwave generated by supersonic flight underneath it and riding the resulting wave, hence its name. In this form, it was capable of entering the atmosphere without any optional equipment thanks to the Flying Armor mounted on the movable frame on its back, which protected it from shockwave and heat during atmospheric entry. The Flying Armor was based on data from the support vehicle of the same name, and could be replaced with other equipment, such as the Wing Binders for the Wave Shooter specification.[4][7] The Wave Rider Mode could also function as a sub-flight system for other mobile suit.[5]

Due to the Zeta Gundam's complex transformation mechanism, it was impossible to mount generators in its upper body. Instead, it was equipped with a generator in each shin, a design concept inspired by the RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam "Zephyranthes" Full Burnern.[4][8] Its legs were also installed with thermonuclear jet/rocket hybrid engines, which were capable of functioning both in space and in the atmosphere, allowing the Zeta Gundam to engage in aerial combat immediately after atmospheric entry.[7]

The Zeta Gundam's weapons were highly systematic and presented almost no hindrance when carried. It was armed with a pair of head-mounted vulcan guns, a pair of beam sabers stored in the side skirt armor that served as beam guns in Wave Rider Mode, a pair of forearm-mounted grenade launchers, an E-pac powered beam rifle, a shield attached to the left forearm that served as the Wave Rider Mode's nose unit, and the Hyper Mega Launcher, a powerful beam weapon developed from the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki's Mega Bazooka Launcher. Thanks to these weapons, it was capable of handling nearly all battlefield situations.[5][7][9]

Finally, the Zeta Gundam was equipped with the Bio-Sensor, a Quasi-Psycommu device that assisted with the mobile suit's controls using the pilot's brainwaves, improving its responsiveness. Though details about this device was unclear, there were instances of it allowing the Zeta Gundam to demonstrate abilities beyond its specifications during combat.[10][11] Overall, the Zeta Gundam had exceptionally high operability and was regarded as a masterpiece of the Gryps Conflict era.[5]


  • MU-86G 60mm Vulcan Gun
A pair of vulcan guns mounted in the Zeta Gundam's head, they fired 60mm ballistic rounds at high speed, and could potentially deal lethal damage to enemy units at extreme close range. The vulcan guns used liquid propellant caseless ammunition.[12] These weapons were unusable in Wave Rider Mode as the head was stored in the body.[13]
  • 2-tube Grenade Launcher
A pair of 2-tube grenade launchers were built into the Zeta Gundam's forearms. These weapons could deal lethal damage to enemy units with accurate hits, and were most effective at close range.[9] Since the grenades themselves had a certain degree of propulsion and homing capabilities, they were more akin to missiles.[13] It was also possible to remove the grenades from the launchers and threw them like hand grenades.[13] Each forearm's grenade launcher normally carried 4 rounds, but their ammo capacity could be expanded with optional magazines that carried 19 rounds, though these had to be removed when transforming.[9][13] As the Zeta Gundam's forearms were fixed facing the rear in Wave Rider Mode, the grenade launchers had little use in this mode, and they were said to be exclusively for use in Mobile Suit Mode.[13]
  • Anchor Wire
An anchor wire launching unit containing a pair of anchor wires can be equipped in place of the grenade launchers' explosive warheads. The wires are mainly used to immobilize enemy units.
  • A.E.BLASH XB-G-35/Du.105 Beam Saber
A beam saber developed specifically for the Zeta Gundam, its output was several times higher than the standard beam saber.[12] A pair was stored in the side skirt armor, and could function as beam guns in Wave Rider Mode. However, the beam guns' output was low, and they were mainly used for distraction and disruption.[9] The length and power of the beam saber's beam blade can be greatly enhanced when Kamille's Newtype powers are amplified by the Bio-Sensor.
  • XBR-M87A2 Beam Rifle
Made by BOWA, this custom beam rifle had a power rating of 5.7 MW. Though it was powered by a standard energy pac (the same one used by the Gundam Mk-II's beam rifle), its beam convergence rate and penetrative power were superior. It could also emit a beam blade from its barrel, turning into a long beam saber for close combat use. In Wave Rider Mode, the beam rifle could be mounted on the long tail vernier stabilizer with its barrel retracted and its stock folded. In Mobile Suit Mode, the rifle could be stored on the side of the forearm when not in use.[9] In an improvise attack known as "Beam Confuse" devised by Kamille while battling the Qubeley, the beam rifle was fired at the beam blade of a spinning beam saber thrown earlier, resulting in diffused beams that destroyed several of the Qubeley's Funnels.[14]
  • FF-XV-SH-609Z Shield
The Zeta Gundam's shield was its most vital part during Wave Rider Mode, since it bound the left and right Flying Armor and served as the Wave Rider Mode's nose. In addition to high durability as a shield, its heat insulation was also exceptional, since it needed to protect the body unit from extreme heat.[12] Despite its capabilities, there were still concerns that damages to the shield would hinder the functions of the Wave Ride Mode.[13] The shield adopted a retracted state in Wave Rider Mode, and could extend in Mobile Suit Mode, where it was usually mounted on the left forearm.[13] The inside of the shield could be equipped with a pair of optional grenade launchers.[12][13]
  • FXA-03M2 Hyper Mega Launcher
Developed from the Hyaku Shiki's Mega Bazooka Launcher, the Hyper Mega Launcher was an ultra-high output beam weapon made for the Zeta Gundam. Equipped with a small generator, thrusters, and even landing gears, the Hyper Mega Launcher was essentially a small gunship without a cockpit. It could be used by the Zeta Gundam in Mobile Suit Mode or mounted as a fixed weapon under the Wave Rider Mode.[9] Like the Zeta Gundam's beam rifle, the hyper mega launcher could emit a beam blade from its barrel, turning into a long beam saber.[15]
  • H-Baz-87-A*E/Ver.004 Hyper Bazooka
A weapon borrowed from the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II, it is cartridge-fed and capable of carrying seven rounds per cartridge plus one round in its chamber.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Bio-Sensor
A Quasi-Psycommu device developed by Anaheim Electronics. Although its full capabilities are unknown, its primary purpose is to allow a Newtype pilot to more easily interface with his mobile suit via mental commands. The bio-sensor could also have a rather surprising side effect when the pilot is mentally and emotionally focused enough (usually when angry or upset) to cause the bio-sensor to amplify the power, speed, and strength of the mobile suit for a short period of time. Notably, during the final battle against Scirocco's The-O, the power of the Bio-Sensor was combined with guidance from the spirits of Kamille's fallen comrades, enabling the Zeta Gundam to launch a devastating ramming attack in Wave Rider Mode that mortally wounded Scirocco and destroyed the The-O, as well as the entire Jupitris.
  • Sealant Launchers
This device sprays a sticky sealant, similar to the wall film used to mend breaches in warship hulls. This substance can be used to seal ruptures in spacecraft and space colony exteriors. By the time of the Gryps Conflict, most mobile suits have sealant launchers built into their fingers, as well as utility devices like signal flare launchers, dummy dispensers, and fire extinguishers.
After losing its head in an earlier battle against the AMX-103 Hamma Hamma and AMX-104 R-Jarja, the Zeta Gundam was hastily repaired by Iino Abbav using an old Zaku II head (due to a lack of spare parts) so that it can assist the ZZ Gundam in battle. This Zaku II head was salvaged by Judau Ashta in between the battles from an asteroid field and towed back to the Argama. While this "Zeta Zaku" was operational, the old Zaku II head caused the cockpit screen to revert to the old, non-360 degree display, leaving Iino vulnerable to enemies that could sneak up to him from areas he could not see.



In early U.C. 0086, shortly before the completion of the Rick Dias, AEUG contracted Anaheim Electronics (AE) with the development of a Transformable Mobile Suit (TMS) that met the following requirements:

  1. A head height of less than 20m in MS Mode.
  2. A transformation time less than 0.5 second.
  3. The ability to operate both in space and on Earth.
  4. The ability to reenter the atmosphere without the use of optional equipment.

Of these requirements, number 1 and number 3 were especially vital. Unlike its opponent, the Titans, AEUG lacked the facilities and funds to make use of large Mobile Armors, and could only deploy regular-sized mobile suits. In addition, since the Titans possessed many bases on Earth, ground combat ability was considered essential.

In order to meet these requirements, AE gathered a team of top engineers, including general technology observer Dr. Alexandro Pilsudski, transformation system and movable frame developer Dr. Gerhard Gluck, generator and thermonuclear rocket/jet engine developer Dr. Oscar Lyell. In January, U.C. 0086, the TMS development plan known as Project Zeta began.

At the time, movable frame was recognized by all mobile suit developers as a revolutionary technology due to its potential for increased energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and expandability. However, no one had been able to develop a practical and reliable movable frame with a suitable size, and it was considered a dream technology. Nevertheless, Dr. Pilsudski boldly advocated for all Project Zeta mobile suits to adopt the movable frame, believing that only machines boldly incorporating the latest technology would be worthy of a project where AE and its technical team's prestige was at stake.

However, AE's upper echelons and even those within the project expressed doubts about this decision, with many suggesting that the tried and trued block structure, as adopted by the Earth Federation Forces' Transformable Mobile Armors (TMA), would be more reliable and appropriate for a project where failure was unacceptable. The tremendous development cost for movable frame only added to such doubts. However, Dr. Pilsudski ignored such doubts and pushed onward.

In early U.C. 0087, as the military conflict between the AEUG and the Titans began intensifying, the Zeta Project completed two prototype mobile suits equipped with near full-sized movable frames: the MSA-005 Methuss and the MSN-001 Delta Gundam. The project was lauded for Having completed two mobile suits from scratch a mere one year after the start of the project, with people likening it to the famed RX Project, which also gave birth to the RX-78-2 Gundam in a short time.

Based on data collected from these two units, the culmination of the project, the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam, was to be produced. However, at this point, the project ran into a serious, seemingly insurmountable hurdle with movable frame durability. The Delta Gundam suffered serious stress to its central block when transforming under high-G, leading to an uncontrollable distortion in its torso frame. Since the cockpit and generator were located in the torso, damage to it could be fatal. Therefore, several design changes were made, such as altering the weight distribution and reinforcing the frame, but a definitive solution could not be found. Ultimately, the Delta Gundam was completed as the non-transforming MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki.

In late March, U.C. 0087, just after the AEUG attack on Side 7, Dr. Pilsudski was summoned by the AE upper management. When asked about the outlook of the project, the doctor had no specific plan in mind, but he answered that he had already identified the issues with the two prototypes and would create an MS worthy of being the true TMS bearing the name "Zeta". Upon hearing this, the upper management demanded a presentation of the Zeta Gundam's basic design within two weeks.

Faced with seemingly impossible odds, the project team made no progress during the first week. As some had began speculating about Dr. Pilsudski's responsibility and the need to reconsider the project, the situation was brough to the attention of AE Chairman Melanie Hue Carbine, who reportedly said: "I will not allow this project to be buried like the one in '83. This is a battle for us to stand at the top of the MS industry. No matter what, we must develop the best TMS, no matter how much resources and fund it takes. If anyone objects, come and talk to me directly!"

Meanwhile, Dr. Gluck had hit a complete dead end. The engineers in the frame department came up with several frame proposals, but none of them solved the problem completely. What ultimately saved him was the blueprint of a newly designed small generator by Dr. Lyell from the generator/engine development department. A groundbreaking invention, the generator exhibited stable performance while being less than half the size of existing generators. Although this generator had an output of less than 1000 kW, Dr. Gluck came up with the idea of placing the generator outside the torso. With the space freed up in the torso, he conceived the idea of a structure that prioritized strength. The low output of the small generator could be resolved by equipping multiple generators. Based on this concept, the frame department devised a new type of frame. The basic design of the Zeta Gundam was determined, featuring generators inside both legs and an ultra-compact co-generator inside the torso, a completely unprecedented structure. After further incorporating data from the Gundam Mk-II's movable frame and the concept of equipping it with a Flying Armor for atmospheric entry, the design plans for the Zeta Gundam were completed.

These plans were delivered to Dr. Pilsudski just before the design plans submission deadline. In essence, they had completed the design plans in only one week. In early May, the testing of the prototype and various parts began, and the plan gained momentum. However, a non-technical obstacle emerged. Since AEUG had scheduled an attack on Jaburo on May 11 with the aim of annihilating the Titans, some factions within AEUG began to question the necessity of the Zeta Gundam. With such opinions arising from the client, rumors began circulating that the plan would be cancelled. Ultimately, with the petition from the engineers to the upper management and strong support from Carbine, the project was allowed to continue. In the end, AEUG failed to achieve their strategic objectives in the Jaburo attack.

However, a new problem arose at this point. The output balance among the distributed generators was not achieved. In particular, the balance of the generators in the legs was poor, resulting in an output difference of nearly double the maximum output. The leg generators were directly linked to the thrust of the leg thrusters, which were the main propulsion in Wave Rider Mode. If this could not be corrected, it would make the WR Mode unstable. Since the leg generators exhibited stable output during individual bench tests, it was believed that there were issues with the capacitors and computers responsible for synchronizing and managing the various generators.

As a result, Dr. Lyell summoned engineers from the Hervic Company, who had expertise in synchronized capacitors technology, capable of stabilizing the output of multiple generators simultaneously (a technology originally used by the Core Fighter series). They developed an advanced version of synchronized capacitors and also installed a new type of computer capable of integrating and parallel processing information from the generators. They succeeded in maintaining the output difference between the left and right generators within 0.01%.

Afterward, adjustments were made to the OS and programs assisting various thrusters, fire control, and basic control in different modes/environments. There were a few minor issues, but the project itself progressed smoothly. In early July, the Zeta Gundam was completed at the AE Von Braun factory. After approximately one month of testing, it was deployed to the frontlines in early August.[16]

Gryps Conflict[]

Early in the Gryps Conflict, Kamille, having just stolen the Gundam Mk-II, had ideas for upgrading his unit. Astonaige Medoz observed and complemented Kamille's design which was inspired by both the Mk-II and RMS-099 Rick Dias, Kamille referred to it as the "Zeta Gundam" [3]. Later, to prepare for entry into the atmosphere, Astonaige informed Kamille that they had completed the prototype for the Zeta Gundam [17].

Replacing the Gundam Mk-II as his personal Mobile Suit, Kamille obtained the Zeta Gundam after returning to space from the Hong Kong incident involving Four Murasame. Screaming into battle, this sleek convertible Mobile Suit took all of the Titans' forces by surprise with its incredible performance and attack potential. Kamille led many successful missions against the Titans and the A.E.U.G. turned the tide of the war. The Zeta was responsible for battling and ultimately killing Titans leader Paptimus Scirocco, besting his powerful mobile suit, the PMX-003 The O. However, Kamille was rendered in a vegetative state by a final psychic attack from Scirocco. Both the Zeta Gundam and Kamille was later recovered by A.E.U.G. pilot Fa Yuiry.

First Neo Zeon War[]

After undergoing repairs, the Zeta Gundam was mainly piloted by the Newtype Judau Ashta to battle the Neo Zeon forces, while the newer MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam was under construction by Anaheim Electronics. During a battle with Mashymre Cello's AMX-103 Hamma Hamma and Chara Soon's AMX-104 R-Jarja, the Zeta Gundam's head was destroyed by the Hamma Hamma's shield beam gun. Due to a shortage of spare parts aboard the Argama, the Zeta Gundam was temporarily repaired using a salvaged MS-06F Zaku II's head, thus earning the nickname "Zeta Zaku". The temporary fix by Iino Abbav worked, however the cockpit screen reverted to an old-fashioned display, as the Zaku II head was not built for the 360-degree panoramic cockpit.

When Judau received the ZZ Gundam, Roux Louka became the Zeta Gundam's designated pilot. Judau would occasionally trade mobile suits with Roux, as the Zeta Gundam was better suited for speed and mobility. The Zeta Gundam operated until its destruction at the end of the First Neo Zeon War, crippled by Ple Two's monstrous NZ-000 Queen Mansa, although the Zeta got in one final crippling shot before being abandoned.

Alternate Media[]

In Char's Counterattack - High Streamer, Amuro asked Bright why the Zeta Gundam and the Hyaku Shiki were not available to them, to which Bright answered that after the end of the Gryps Conflict, the Federation government considered Gundams to be as dangerous as nuclear weapons, and locked them away in a secret location known to only the top officials of the Federation parliament. Not even John Bauer was able to overturn this decision.

In U.C. 0097 a Zeta Gundam replica constructed by Anaheim Electronics is deployed for a special mission to combat the EARM terrorist group mobile armor, Leiurus. This particular unit was piloted by freelance mercenary "Johnny" (callsign "Lightning").[18]

Later in U.C 0100, the Zeta Gundam was restored exclusively for the U.C. 0100 ceremony to perform flight demonstrations.[19]





Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam[]

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ[]


Illustrations & Artwork[]



Action Figures[]


Behind the Scenes[]

The 1996 Master Grade Zeta Gundam manual stated that it depicted the Zeta Gundam around December U.C. 0087, when it received readjustments upon receiving the Hyper Mega Launcher based on accumulated operating data. Dengeki Data Collection labelled a lineart of the Master Grade Zeta Gundam as "Zeta Gundam near the end of the Gryps Conflict", suggesting that the MG Zeta Gundam was an in-universe variant of the Zeta, rather than an out-of-universe redesign.

Later, the 2012 sourcebook Master Archive Mobile Suit - MSZ-006 Z Gundam, illustrated by Kyoshi Takigawa, established that the Zeta Gundam actually had three variants: the Initial Model (July, U.C. 0087~December, U.C. 0087), the Mid Model, (December, U.C. 0087~March U.C. 0088), and the Late Model (March U.C. 0088~), each with slight differences.

In 2018, the High Grade Universal Century model "Zeta Gundam (U.C. 0088)" was released as a Premium Bandai exclusive. According to the product description, this model was designed as the Zeta Gundam at the time of the First Neo Zeon War, after undergoing numerous minor changes. The model appeared to be an original design, and did not resemble the Late Model introduced in Master Archive.

It should be noted that the Zeta Gundam's in-show design remained unchanged in both Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, and that all of the aforementioned variants were created afterwards.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • The Zeta Gundam's name is derived from "Zeta", which is the sixth letter of the Greek Alphabet - which may be reference to its model number.
  • Zeta is the first Gundam to lack the traditional face vents and for having a white, sharp chin instead of the traditional red, blocky-shaped one. It is also the first Gundam shown to have a double V-fin rather than single.
  • The Zeta Gundam is also one of the first transformable Gundams televised.
  • The Zeta Gundam never transformed into its Wave Rider Mode during its brief time as the "Zeta Zaku". It is unclear if it was able to do so with the Zaku head.
  • The "VMsAWrs" marking on its chest armor on the 1/100 Master Grade box art refers to the name of its transformation mechanism. It stands for "Variable Mobile-suit And Wave-rider system".
  • In certain media, such as games, the Wave Rider Mode's ramming attack that killed Scirocco was given the name "Wave Rider Crash".
  • The Zeta Gundam has the honor of being the Mobile Suit from UC timeline, if not in general, to have the highest number of named characters piloting it in animated works.
  • Animator Atsushi Shigeta came up with the idea of the Beam Confuse attack during the production of A New Translation part 3. Tomino created the storyboards for the scene, while Shigeta himself drew the key frames for the scene.
  • Despite being removed from the selectable roster, the Zeta Gundam's data still exists in Gundam Battle Assault 2, but can only be played by using Gameshark device, and is piloted by Akahana in the game.
  • In some games such as the Gundam Vs series or Gundam Memories, the Zeta will be shown with both of its beam weapons attached to its top and bottom hardpoints in Wave Rider Mode.
  • The Zeta Gundam appears in the Extreme Vs. series with three playable incarnations; under Kamille, Roux, and the Zeta Zaku under Iino at the costs of 2500, 2000 and 1500 respectively though only Kamille's Zeta remains playable in Extreme Vs. 2. Notably, Kamille's Zeta was at a lower cost in the original Gundam Vs. series but was upgraded when it transitioned to Extreme Vs.. All units share its beam rifle, which is a manual reload, its Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher and its grenade launchers. All Zetas can also create a meteor balloon to distract enemy support units.
    • Kamille's Zeta, as the highest cost, can use beam confuse to create a stun explosion and has the best mobility and health of the three. For its support units, Kamille can summon Quattro's Hyaku Shiki and can summon MSA-005 Methuss to refill either his or his partner's ammo.
    • Roux, unlike Kamille, does not have any assist but does have an emergency transformation into the Wave Rider Mode , and her Wave Rider's steering is better than Kamille's, though she does not have as much boost as Kamille.
    • Iino's Zeta is the weakest of the three, having the least health and incapable of using the Wave Rider Mode. As a replacement, Iino can summon a Hyaku Shiki for support with its beam rifle.
  • Super Robot Wars in some entries tend to have the Zeta Gundam be piloted by Roux or Judau first before being handed back to Kamille to pilot. Or Kamille pilot the MK2 before going back to the Zeta.


Television Series
OVAs and ONAs


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AMX-003 Gaza-C | AMX-004 Qubeley | AMX-004 Qubeley Mk-II | AMX-004G Qubeley Mass Production Type | AMX-006 Gaza-D | AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn | AMX-009 Dreissen | AMX-011 Zaku III | AMX-011S Zaku III Custom | AMX-014 Döven Wolf | AMX-015 Geymalk | AMX-101 Galluss-J | AMX-102 Zssa | AMX-103 Hamma Hamma | AMX-104 R-Jarja | AMX-107 Bawoo | AMX-109 Capule | AMX-117L Gazu-L | AMX-117R Gazu-R | MS-06D Desert Zaku | MS-06F Zaku II | MS-09G Dwadge | MS-09H Dwadge Custom | MS-14J ReGelgu | NZ-000 Queen Mansa | RMS-099B Schuzrum Dias | RMS-106 Hizack | RMS-108 Marasai | RMS-119 EWAC Zack | RMS-192M Zaku Mariner
Mobile Armor
AMA-01X Jamru Fin | MRX-010 Psycho Gundam Mk-II | NRX-044 Asshimar

Land Vehicle
Zaku Tanker
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Base Jabber | Geta
Transporter / Supply Ship
Camouflaged Ship
Cruiser / Mother Ship
Endra-class | Garuda-class | Gwanban-class | Sadalahn-class
African Liberation Front
Mobile Weapon
Mobile Suit
MS-06D Desert Zaku | MS-09G Dwadge | MS-14A Gelgoog | RMS-119 EWAC Zack

Land Vehicle
Zaku Tanker
Anaheim Electronics
Supply Ship
La Vie en Rose
Mobile Weapon
Mobile Suit
MS-05B Zaku I | MS-06V Zaku Tank | MS-14A Gelgoog | MSM-03 Gogg | MSM-04 Acguy | MSM-04N Agguguy | MSM-07 Z'Gok | MSM-08 Zogok | Petite Mobile Suit
Mobile Worker
Cattle | Geze | Middle Mobile Suit

Land Vehicle
Missile Car
Transporter / Supply Ship