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MSWAD is the military branch of the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations. MSWAD stands for Mobile Suit Warehouse and Development. Their first Mobile Suit is the VMS-15 Union Realdo.

The Begining of MSWAD

MSWAD was probably made after a Solar Power war or after World War III and probably started at the same time as the formation of the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations.

Armed Interventions to Celestial Being

Gundam Exia encountered a Union Flag after the armed intervention in HRL territory on the Island of Ceylon. First Lieutenant Graham Aker was the pilot of the Union Flag and attacked the Gundam to measure its strength. Graham lost the Linear Rifle and Sonic Blade against Gundam Exia, and was forced to retreat.

Anti-Gundam Investigative Taskforce (Over Flags)

MSWAD created the Anti-Gundam Investigative Taskforce in which Graham Aker and Billy Katagiri were later transferred to. This Taskforce's chief technologists is Professor Ralph Eifman and he is asked by Graham Aker to modify his Union Flag to fight the Gundams. Later, Howard Manson and Daryl Dodge join the Taskforce and joined in the battle in Taribia and Azadistan with Graham Aker. In Episode 14, the Taskforce is renamed the Overflags and another 12 pilots joined the team with their Union Flags, which are later converted into the SVMS-01O Over Flag, that is based on Graham's Custom Flag.

The first mission to see the Overflags was the exercise in the Taklamaken Desert. Once the Dynames was pinned down it was the duty of the Overflags to capture the Gundam. Joshua Edwards, who is cocky and eager to show up Graham, flew ahead of the team despite orders to hold back. His machine was easily destroyed by Dynames. The rest of the team, following Graham's orders, proved to be much more difficult to deal with, until Throne Eins began sniping at their backs, destroying at least two of the Over Flags. Because of the interference of the Thrones, the Overflags was forced to retreat alongside the rest of the military.

The Overflags continue their anti-Gundam missions during the time of the Gundam Thrones' intervention. However they didn't have much success, losing more machines and pilots to the Thrones. Their one success came when they managed to drive the Thrones off after an intervention, with Graham managing to capture one of Throne Eins's GN Beam Sabers. After Graham refused to be the Union's GN-X team leader(because he promised he would defeat a Gundam with a Flag at the grave of Howard Manson), Daryl Dodge replaced him in that duty and joined the UN Forces along with six other Over Flag pilots. The Overflags eventually dismissed and merged into Earth Sphere Federation (ESF) along with Chobu of HRL and AEU.

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