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The MSS-009 Gemeaux is a mobile suit that appears in the manga series Mobile Suit Gundam École du Ciel.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A mobile suit built by Anaheim Electronics from the spare parts of the completed MSS-008 Le Cygne and the mass-produced MSA-003 Nemo, it was developed for use by non-Newtype pilots. The pilot control system and the experimental bio-sensor that were featured on the Le Cygne were deleted in favor of a simple design that placed emphasis on ease-of-use and combat reliability, and was also fitted with extra armor. Although these systems were removed, the Gemeaux was still a fast and highly agile machine that also inherited the Le Cygne's distinctive shoulder-armor which stored the beam sabers.


  • Beam Rifle
The Geamaux uses the same type of beam rifle as the MSA-003 Nemo and MSA-004 Nemo II.
  • Twin Beam Trident
A type of beam saber first equipped on the MSS-008 Le Cygne, it consisted of a single hilt that was able to produce two coherent beams of energy.
  • Shield
The experimental thruster shield featured on the Le Cygne is removed due to cost reasons, and in its place, a small retractable shield is attached to the Gemeaux's forearm.


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  • It's name is French for "Gemini"

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