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The MSR-00100CR Hyaku Shiki Crash (百式(クラッシュ)?) is a custom Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Divers GBWC. Based on the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki, it is built and piloted by Markie.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Hyaku Shiki Crash is a gunpla made by Mayu Nagayuma (Markie) who is part of the Gévaudan Wolf Force. The Hyaku Shiki Crash uses the same flexible frame found in NOZH's AMX-004DMD Qubeley Damned resulting in high follow-up abilities, the suit also features a larger binder and additional thrusters for higher mobility.

Markie's modifications on the Hyaku Shiki Crash which includes an upgraded sensor make it excellent at sniping down its enemies using the customized GHL-TBA Rifle which was stolen from legendary Gunpla builder Shimoda's workshop.


  • GHL-TBA Rifle

The GHL-TBA Rifle is a multipurpose integrated concept weapon created by legendary Gunpla builder Shimoda. The rifle is then modified by Markie to be used for precision shooting.

  • 60mm Vulcan Gun

Mounted on each side of the Hyaku Shiki Crash's head unit, the Vulcan guns. The guns have a high rate of fire which is usually used for close to mid-range combat. These guns are ineffective to use against mobile suits, however they are excellent for taking down smaller units or damaging mobile suit sensors.

  • Beam Saber

The Hyaku Shiki Crash is equipped with two Beam Sabers which are the same model used by the regular Hyaku Shiki. The Beam Saber emits a blade of plasma held together within an I-Field and is excellent for cutting through armor not treated with Anti-Beam Coating.

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