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The MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative and is piloted by Zoltan Akkanen.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

The MSN-06S Sinanju Stein was developed to test the durability and follow-up capabilities of the Psycho-Frame.[1] Two units of the Mobile Suit, referred to using the development code "Stein 01", were later stolen by the Neo Zeon remnants, the Sleeves.[1][2] One unit was remodeled as the MSN-06S Sinanju and used as the flagship MS of the organization.[1][3] In UC 0097, the other unit was seen in the fight over the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex and was embellished with the engravings that became root for the name of The Sleeves.[1][3]


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
Mounted in the head, the pair of shell-firing guns are not very powerful and typically used for intercepting missiles, destroying mobile suit sensors and the likes.
  • Beam Saber
A pair of beam sabers are stored in the forearm armor.[4] When in use, the armor lifts up for pulling out the sabers' handles.[4] The beam sabers' beam blades can also be generated and be used as beam tonfas when the armor open ups.[4]
  • High Beam Rifle
The large beam rifle designated to the Sinanju Stein was known as the High Beam Rifle. It was based on the Sinanju's beam rifle, but was equipped with jacket parts, resulting in a massive form.[1] A bazooka or grenade launcher can be attached to the bottom.[4]
  • Bazooka
The same Rocket Bazooka as used by the Sinanju.[1] By retracting its barrel, the bazooka can be attached to the bottom of the High Beam Rifle's barrel.[1] Its initial speed is said to slightly drop in this configuration.[1] It is held over the shoulder when used in its extended state.[4]
  • Shield
The shape of the tip has been altered from the version originally equipped by the Sinanju Stein and the Anaheim Electronics "AE" logo has been removed.[1] It is mounted on the left arm and not held with the mobile suit's hands.[4]
  • Grenade Launcher
The Grenade Launcher can be attached to the back of the shield or to the bottom of the High Beam Rifle's barrel.[1]
  • Large Beam Axe
A large melee weapon which has beam blade generators on both ends.[5] It is a weapon designated to the Sinanju Stein and can also be used as a Beam Naginata. It is a combination of two modified Sinanju's beam axes, with their grips extended for a longer reach.[5] It can be disconnected into two at the grip section.[5]

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • External Propellant Tank
Mounted on the back, the pair of tanks increase the amount of fuel the suit can carry, thus increasing its operational flight time. When the fuel is depleted, the tanks can be ejected to decrease mass. The propellant tanks used by the MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein are longer than those of the MSN-06S Sinanju Stein's and are similar, if not identical, to those utilized by the MSN-06S Sinanju.
  • Psycho-Frame Cockpit
The psycho-frame is a technology that builds the brainwave-to-machine code translator known as Psycommu into the atom-level of the metal frame of a Mobile Suit. This allows a Newtype pilot to mentally connect with their mobile suit's operating system, similar to the bio-sensor, and input commands directly from the mind via brainwaves.
  • Intention Automatic System
A system that directly translates the thoughts of a Newtype pilot into the mobile suit's motions, allowing for far greater reaction speeds compared to manual control.


In U.C. 0094, two units of Sinanju Stein were transported in the Earth Federation's Clop-class cruiser Unkai when they were seized by the Sleeves. One unit was remodeled as the MSN-06S Sinanju and used as the flagship MS of the organization, but was lost during the events of the Laplace Incident. In UC 0097, the other unit, the MSN-06S-2 Sinanju Stein, was seen in the battlefield in the fight over the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex, which had flown into the Earth Sphere. It uses the fury of its pilot as a source of energy to face the Phenex and RX-9 Narrative Gundam.[1]





Action Figure[]



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