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The MSM-07 Z'Gok is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt series

Technology & Combat Characteristics

In the anime, this machine is the primary mobile suit of the Kaufmann team. Compared to the Z'Gok deployed during the One Year War, the Kaufmann team's Z'Gok has globe joints in its arms and legs as well as additional shoulder armor. Its legs are also modified for fighting in cold districts and are capable of hovering. Its armament consisted of iron nails, arm-mounted machine guns, and missiles in its head.[1]


  • Iron Nail
  • Machine Gun
  • Missile Launcher


Several Z'Goks operated by Zeon remnants attacked the Spartan's landing craft and mobile suits in the Antarctic Circle. Thanks to their unique adaptations for fighting in cold districts, they took out several units indirectly by cutting through the ice sheet. However, they were no match for Io Fleming and his RX-78AL Atlas Gundam and were all destroyed. 

In the manga, Z'Goks operated by the South Sea Alliance are used in the defence of the Rig, fighting off Federation MS. Some are destroyed in combat against the Atlas Gundam. 

Z'Goks also served as the Zeon remnants' mainstay aquatic mobile suit along with the Zaku Marine Type in the manga. When Daryl Lorenz made his rally cry while departing from the Dolos underwater base and staged a d'coup etat, both sides used Z'Goks in their fight, ending with the loyalist forces wiped out.

Following this, at the Taal volcano base, Billy Hickam is assigned a Z'Gok to use in the Psycho Zaku II's combat trial. Despite the fact that he was fighting alongside an MSM-04 Acguy (Thunderbolt Ver.) and a MSM-03 Gogg (Thunderbolt Ver.), the prototype Psycho Zaku piloted by Daryl outperformed all 3 mobile suits, particularly in close combat where Billy's Z'Gok suffered heavy damage, and almost was killed in the trial. However, thanks to Sojo's intervention, Daryl realised he was putting his subordinates in danger, and the Z'Gok and all other MS were retired to be repaired in time for the Spartan's attack.

The Z'Goks brought by the Zeon defectors are deployed to defend against the Federation's attack, but most are destroyed by the Atlas Gundam and the Guncannon Aqua.



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