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The MSM-07F Z'Gok Crab was originally created by Hitoshi Fukuchi for the Fukuchi Mobile Suit Station (FMS) feature in Bandai's Model Journal 118 (May 1989).

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An upgraded variant of the MSM-07 Z'Gok, that's had its mobility in water enhanced. The Z'Gok Crab has torpedo launchers on its head and a pair of built-in mega particle cannons on its chest and one in the right hand. The Z'Gok Crab's left arm is a missile launcher and like its predecessor has claws for close-combat on the right arm.



It was deployed by the Mad Angler-class Zuai in the Indian Ocean during November UC 0079, serving as an escort for the test trial of the MAM-07 Grabro Unit 4.



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