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The MSM-03 Gogg is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Designed to be larger than the Gogg deployed in the One Year War, this Gogg is piloted by Kaufmann, the leader of the Kaufmann team.[1][2] In the OVA, the Gogg can bend its legs and unfold the legs' frontal armor into a sled-like form for moving easily over snowy and/or icy terrain.[1][2] Meanwhile, in the manga, the Gogg can fold its feet down to reduce water resistance when moving underwater, and through the additional bending of the knees, the mobile suit can move at a high speed on the water surface as well as on ice. While the OVA version has iron nails on both hands that are large enough to crush machines like the RB-79[M] Ball Marine Type, the manga version has heat claws that can easily cut apart sea ice.[1] This mobile suit also has two mega particle guns in its abdomen and can launch frizzy yard from its head.[1][2]


  • Mega Particle Gun
  • Iron Nail
  • Heat Claw

Special Equipment & Features

  • Frizzy Yard



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