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MSJ-04 Fanton (aka Fanton), an older model MS later converted and sold off to third parties as the MSER-04 Anf.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Where other nations sought to develop advanced high-speed, high-maneuverability mobile suits the Human Reform League preferred to use proven technology and designs in their mobile suits. These designs include using heavy armor at the cost of speed and maneuverability alongside heavy weapons, making HRL mobile suits such as the Fanton akin to bipedal tanks. It mounts a single long-barrel clip-fed 155x50mm smoothbore cannon and wields a large carbon spear for offensive weapons. It was apparently phased out after the Tieren was put into production.

The Fanton's weapons selection was designed for taking out mobile suits and armored vehicles. Its ranged weapon is a clip-fed smoothbore cannon mounted underneath the unit's head. The Fanton can carry a total of five clips, one inserted into the cannon, and another four carried on the hip armor. For close range combat the Fanton is equipped with a carbon spear. It is not as advanced as the sonic blades other nations had in developement but it was easier to maintain and had a greater reach. To round out the Fantong's equipment there is a thick shield mounted on its left forearm.


155 x 50mm Smoothbore Cannon

The primary weapon equipped to the Fanton under its head. The weapon is clip-fed and can easily be reloaded thanks to the spare clips the mobile suit carries. This cannon would be replaced by a more powerful arm mounted 200 x 25mm smoothbore cannon when the Fanton is modified and sold as the Anf.

Carbon Spear

A close range weapon with a large blade of E-Carbon. This pole-arm weapon stands as tall as the Fanton, giving it great reach.


Mounted on the Fantong's left arm is a small but thick shield. Since it can't cover a large portion of the Fanton's body it is likely a defense against close range attacks.



The Fanton is an old Human Reform League mobile suit used during the 2290s. It played a vital role in defending the HRL's orbital elevator while it was still under construction. By the year AD 2301 the Fanton had virtually ceased to exist as it had been sold and modified into the MSER-04 Anf.

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  • Fanton can be interpreted in Chinese as "Fan Tong", meaning loser, or useless person.


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