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The MSBZ-06S Bloody Zaku is a Mobile Suits of the SD Gundam Franchise, specifically the SD Command Chroniclesseries. Unlike the Musha Gundam or the Knight Gundam, the Command Gundam is more based on 'trigger happy' depiction of Americans seen within many action films of the 1980s/1990s, such as Rambo.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Jungle Knife Kill Master
A knife for close combat. The hand guard also has spikes for punching.
  • Hand Grenade
The chest of Bloody Zaku holding six hand grenades, three on each side.
  • Gazelle M140 Machine Gun
A handhold machine gun.
  • Catl M200 Custom Cannon
A custom cannon handhold developed by Professor Catl.
  • Mega Smart Gatling Gun
Bloody Zaku's main weapon, a large long barrel Gatling gun.
  • Electromagnetic Spin Claw
Mount on Mega Smart Gatling Gun in place of the Gatling barrel. A powerful close combat weapon capable of penetrating through Gundam's Gigandarium armor with ease.
  • Vulcan Pod
A pair of Vulcan gun mounted on each of Bloody Zaku's shoulders.
  • 3-tube Missile Launcher
Mounted on shoulder armors.
  • Slider Cannon
A surprise weapon mounted on the back of Bloody Zaku's head to finish the enemy from behind.
  • Final Mega Cannon
The true form of slider cannon, Bloody Zaku require to open his head armor in order to use it.
  • Bloody Launcher
The new weapon used in the final battle against FAFU-13 Führer Zatarion and SDV-04ORG V Command Gundam.

Special Features


The Mega Commander of Zatarion Empire's regular army and one who lead the invasion on the Magellan continent. Although he first seeking revenge after SDV-04 Command Gundam for his initial defeat, their rivalship eventually become more friendly that he even consider joining G-Arms after ZAFU-13 Führer Zatarion replaced him with MRJ-104 Zauel R-Jarja but ultimately decide against it. He's last seen attacking both SDV-04ORG V Command Gundam and Führer Zatarion.




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