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The MSA-120 (also known as MSA-0120) was an Anaheim Electronics prototype mobile suit designed for the Earth Federation Forces. It first appeared in Cyber Comix No.024. It later made a brief appearance in the Mobile Suit Gundam F90: Fastest Formula manga.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MSA-120 was the result of Anaheim Electronics's ATMS (Advanced Tactical Mobile Suit) project, a plan to develop the next-generation main mobile suit to compete with SNRI's Formula Series. Its most notable features were the "Mega Boost" - which grants a temporary increase in mobility; and "Vaporizing Applique Armor", which protects it from beam weapons.[1]


  • High-Impact Gun
A weapon that uses artificial gravity generated via Minovsky Craft technology.
  • Hyper Mega Launcher

Special Equipment & Features

  • Mega Boost
A new technology that temporarily increases the unit's output through the use of Energy CAP, greatly increasing its mobility.
  • Vaporizing Applique Armor
Similar to anti-beam coating, this type of armor vaporizes when hit by beam weapons, protecting the mobile suit itself from harm.


The development of the MSA-120 was done by Anaheim Electronic's Zeonic division on Granada, which was previously responsible for most of Anaheim's main force mobile suit development, such as the RGM series.[2]

In October, U.C. 0111,[3] the MSA-120 competed with SNRI's F90 Gundam F90 to become the Earth Federation Forces' next main mobile suit. Through computer simulation, the two were compared in four categories based on their design data: maximum output, durability, cost of use, and mobile combat ability. The result was a draw: the MSA-120 won in the first two categories and the F90 won in the latter two. As such, a second test was conducted in the form of simulated combat.[2]

Though the two were expected to be evenly matched in combat, the MSA-120 was soundly defeated by the F90, which was officially adopted as the main mobile suit of the EFF.[2] Anaheim exerted considerable political pressure on the military, but was unable to reverse this decision, with the only compromise being that they would have the right to manufacture the mobile suits that SNRI developed.[4]

Despite the MSA-120's defeat, the EFF was still impressed by its instantaneous power and durability, and requested SNRI to incorporate these features into their next mobile suit, leading to the development of the F91 Gundam F91.[2]



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