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The MSA-0120 Advanced Tactical Mobile Suit "ATMOS" was an Anaheim Electronics prototype mobile suit designed for the Earth Federation Forces. It first appeared in Cyber Comix No.024.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MSA-120 ATMOS is a result from Anaheim Electronics's research before the start of Silhouette Formula Project. It was developed following the the Earth Federation Forces' request for the creation of a next-generation mobile suit in U.C.0111 [1]. Boasting high performance, the armor of ATMOS is protected with anti-beam coating. Its most notable feature is Mega Boost E-CAP, a set of special E-CAP which doubles its performance when used. The "High Impact Gun" uses Minovsky Craft Technology to somehow create a pseudo-gravetic effect, though it is not specified what exactly this achieves.


  • High-Impact Gun
  • Hyper Mega Launcher

Special Equipment & Features

  • Anti-beam Coating


Although the MSA-120 ATMOS completely overwhelmed SNRI's F90 Gundam F90 during testing in U.C. 0111, the Earth Federation Forces rejected the design due to its high production cost.[2]



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